The modern generation has become so obsessed with health, to an extent that when someone says a certain kind of food is healthy, we just rush blindly for it!

If today, for example, some famous blogger says that peanuts are absolutely cool for your health, how many of us would try out peanuts? I bet you will be tempted to try out!

Now, this is where we fail when drawing the line between scientific facts and mere propaganda.

Here we highlight some food trends that you might have thought are healthy but actually are not.

1. Dietary Supplements

Most people out there have developed habits of going for supplements whenever they experience a hitch in their routine appetite. What most of them do not know is that most supplements are made up of impure filler materials and lubricants.

Such pure junk will inhibit nutrient absorption in the process, wasting your time and money. It is better to seek a prescription from your doctor or a qualified nutritionist rather than playing the role of a doctor and messing your health!

2. Crazy Juice Cleanses

This is particularly common among those who try to make up for some poor eating choices they made sometime back. It is common to hear of those folks who go for 3-time juice substitutes for whole meals in the rush to make amends. Now, here is where we all go wrong.

Juices have a high sugar content which makes juice cleanses a very bad option for you. If you must do juice cleanses, then it is advisable to go for low sugar juices, perhaps, apple juice or lemon juice in that case.

3. Superfoods

The buzz in the realm of exotic superfoods such as chia seeds, Goji berries among others has never ceased to amaze me. Lots have been said and written about how superior and how they are a must-have in dietary plans. Are they really that good?

In fact, to be honest, the likes of Goji berries have high vitamin content plus the Chinese have adopted them in herbal medicine for long. So, I am sure you are now wondering why you should not use such as a cure then!

The point is that we tend to look for quick ways to fix problems that can be eradicated by balancing diets. This is to say that the best approach would be to superimpose superfoods on a good dietary scheme.

Better still you can still do away with them – there are lots of other options that will do you good than them! Green Vegetables, sweet potatoes, and avocados would sure serve as better substitutes to superfoods.

4. Over-emphasis on Calories

Marketing experts in the food domain are very creative in that they have managed to blindfold consumers through their emphasis on quantities of calories in their products. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, you must have noticed how food brands tell people how good their products are in terms of calorie levels.

Analytically, the real thing that matters to you should be the ingredients, not just calories. Of course, calories do matter but not as much as the ingredients and food quality – as long as you take care – as long as you have good eating habits!

Now you should know better than to think before you dive into anything trending on blogs or social media in the world of food!

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