Losing weight fast is always easier said than done.

Of course, the most challenging bit has got to be the fact that losing weight demands lots of patience and persistence. Well, did you know that with well-worked methods, it can be done rapidly?

Whether you want to lose some pounds for health purposes or you simply want to look attractive, you would surely fancy an easy and fast route.

We have compiled 7 science-based ways that will get you there as soon as possible!

1. Give top priority to exercising – you must exercise

If you wanted the lazy route then you should be disappointed, pounds are not lost with no sweat! In other words, there are no shortcuts so the sooner you start running, lifting weights or stretching the better for you.

Such exercises can be done in the morning, in the evening or at a convenient time of your choice. Also, note that you are advised to do them daily or weekly depending on your schedule.

2. Set up Realistic Goals

Smart goals are very important in the pursuit of that leaner and healthier body frame. If you are just starting out, your targets should be different from that of a person who started out some times back. Your goals should be directly proportional to time availability and convenience.

Keep in mind that the process of losing weight should not be stressful – it should be fun and enjoyable!

3. Dodge Injuries

When starting out, try making exercising an injury and pain-free goal as much as you can. This will keep you away from injuries like Achilles tendinitis and runners knee that could hamper your targets. Always shift gradually slowly from one exercise to another in a manner that you are comfortable and able to work perfectly.

4. Walk or Cycle More

You can choose to walk to places you visit every day and leave out your car. It is the easiest form of exercise. Walking for approximately 45 minutes a day can reduce calories in the body. Alternatively, you could ride a bicycle if you can.

5. Check the Food you Eat

You have probably read and heard of this a thousand times but we do not mind reminding you one more time. You are always what you eat so start by reducing the food that is rich in calories. Such food should not be avoided completely but taken in low quantities or just take them less often.

Keeping a food diary will help you keep track of the food you eat and able to check on your weight and health. Eating a lot of vegetables will do the magic for you while junk food and alcohol should also be avoided at all cost.

6. Make a Plan

Every successful project is based on a proper plan thus, you should try having a well-written plan on how to lose weight. The food you eat and the exercises you take should be straightened up in the plan.

Strategies and the time taken in the process should also be factored in planning helps one know his/her progress and measure improvement and look into areas one can improve.

7. Sleep Well

It has been found that if you don’t sleep well enough, you might end up overeating and consequently adding weight. Simply put, you will snack more if you don’t sleep. One should sleep for roughly 8 hours here, we are talking of quality sleep and nothing less of that!

Lean and average weight is scientifically good for your health. Always remember to keep an eye on your Body Mass Index and see how you are faring on health wise. You are also advised to consult experts like physicians and fitness instructors in case you need some help anywhere in the journey to attaining your goals.

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