Let’s face it, acne can make our lives difficult. The most important step to getting rid of it is to understand what causes acne.

While some individuals occasionally have breakouts, others have an ongoing assault of pimples. They are painful and unappealing, and we continuously struggle to cover them up. But do you know what could be causing these pimples to keep returning?

There are quite a few reasons for the reappearance of pimples. Apart from knowing the reason, it is also necessary to understand which location in your face is more prone to pimples, and what it means.

When you chart down the most acne-prone zones in your face, you can accordingly take focused steps to stop them from recurring.

3 Common External Factors That Cause Acne

Unfit Products:

Did you know that some of the products we use are causing our pores to get clogged? This is one of the reasons you break out. It could be a product with excess moisture or cosmetics that have chemical compositions that do not suit your skin. Outdated or cheap products also cause acne and skin damage.

Excess Oil:

Greasy skin is always an open invitation for pimples. When you don’t cleanse your skin regularly, the oil builds up. And it becomes a platform for germs and dirt. This is one of the major causes of acne. Unsanitary ways of taking care of your skin also damage its quality.


There could be many reasons for the breakouts on the face. Excess smoking or overeating junk food are just some of the reasons that are making you break out.

Lack of hygiene is also one of the leading causes of acne. By directly monitoring the food you consume and keeping your surroundings clean, you can take a step towards achieving good skin.

Now that we have briefly discussed the causes of acne, let’s get deeper into it. Apart from these external causes, there are many internal reasons due to which you might have a breakout.

The most common areas that are prone to pimples are:

  • Forehead
  • Between The Brows
  • The Nose Area, T-zone
  • Hollow Of Temples
  • Right And Left Cheeks
  • Chin And Jawline

If you consistently find pimples recurring in any one of these areas, then you need to know what causes acne in these areas.

1. Forehead

Do you constantly get pimples on your forehead? Well, the problem is primarily greasy and unwashed hair. It could also be due to chemical hair care products or treatments that clog the pores around your hairline. Start using herbal or natural products and wash your hair more often to avoid it from getting dirty.

Another cause of acne on the forehead could be stress. With the hustle-bustle of day-to-day life, you might face anxiety and pressures, which lead to skin breakouts. You can tackle this by getting proper rest and taking it easy.

2. Between The Brows

What causes acne between the brows? You will be surprised to know that breakouts in this area indicate food allergies. Have you been munching on food that doesn’t suit you or having late-night snacks that are heavy? Even lactose intolerance causes acne in that area.

So, try to avoid heavy foods such as cheese, butter, and other foods that are difficult to digest. Also, if you get your eyebrows done, make sure the process is sanitary and treat the area with an astringent to avoid ingrown hair that, in turn, causes breakouts.

3. The Nose Area, T-zone

This is one of the most acne-prone zones on the face. Due to a base full of dilated pores, it is more prone to get clogged and cause acne. The T-zone is an oil fest. So, try to keep that area dry and hydrated to prevent clogging.

Another reason that may be causing pimples on the nose is that you are eating spicy foods or foods that are too hot. Cutting back on spicy or hot food can reduce breakouts in that zone. Even reducing your intake of meat can make a difference. With proper care and attention, you can get rid of your pimples overnight!

4. Hollow Of Temples

Pimples that appear in the hollow of the temple zone are mainly due to digestion problems. It is typically caused due to internal dryness. It is an indication that you are dehydrated and stressed out. Drinking more water can help reduce the appearance of pimples in this area.

Smoking excessively is another cause of breakouts in this area. You can avoid this by cleaning your diet and trying to avoid smoking to improve the quality of the skin.

5. Right And Left Cheeks

Most of the time, pimples like to surface on the cheeks. This could be due to excess oil clogging the pores. Junk food and fast food can cause pimples in that area. Ask yourself, when did you last clean your makeup brushes?

This could be the main reason for the outbreaks. You can also keep track of any expired products or cosmetics and avoid using them.

6. Chin And Jawline

A hormonal imbalance is a primary reason for the occurrence of pimples in the chin or jawline area. Lack of proper rest can cause acne to recur in this area.

You can avoid this by sleeping adequately and following proper hygiene. Following a good diet and staying clean can help prevent pimples.

Many women also face chin breakouts around their menstrual cycles due to hormonal changes.

Healthy habits will give you better skin and other health benefits. Find the causes of acne on your face and try to lead a clean lifestyle to attain beautiful skin. Hopefully, the acne map will help you to figure out where the core of the problem lies.

Breakouts of pimples can worsen due to factors such as anxiety, stress, and lack of hygiene. So, find the deeper reason for your acne and tackle it with a more focused aim.

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