It’s a shocking fact that nowadays, many more people have food allergies than 50 years ago.

It’s also interesting that your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents didn’t have food allergies, but you do.

If you don’t know why this is happening, it might be the prime time you look at your habits and the habits of the people around you.

Food allergies don’t simply appear out of nowhere, and if no one in your family has them, the chances are that you won’t have them as well. However, due to the changing times and the decline of food quality over the years, the number of people that have food allergies have risen.

Traditional Eating VS Modern Eating

The main problem with food nowadays is that it is factory-prepared and ready-to-go. What this means is that the quality of the food is low, and all kinds of chemicals are injected into, for example, raw chicken breasts (to help them appear bigger and tastier).

We can see the example of this kind of food preparation in almost all foods. Canned beans are also filled with various chemicals to preserve them for a long time.

On top of that, microwaving your food causes even greater food degradation. In the end, if we were to combine the food of today to the food of 50 years ago, it’s clear that the food our grandparents ate was much better and healthier.

Everything was home-grown, apart from a few food items that couldn’t be (for example Bananas if you were living in a country where bananas are not native). Also, anything you prepare at home is mostly very healthy as you control the food you make. Their nutrition was much better than ours.

Dieting VS Healthy Eating

Diets are rarely good for the body. Dieting, which consists of focusing on one main type of food, most commonly vegetables and fruit, can be dangerous for the human body. The human body needs proteins, fibers, vitamins, etc.

Living only on a fruit and vegetable diet doesn’t provide the necessary ingredients to keep the human body healthy. Our grandparents ate healthily – they ate a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast usually consisted of bacon and eggs or something lighter like toast and butter. Lunch consisted of soups and the main dish, like chicken or fish, alongside a salad to compliment the main dish.

Dinner wasn’t necessarily strong as the evening was coming but could have consisted of light food. In the end, a balanced meal is much better for the body than a diet.

More Exposure to Animals

It’s interesting how the human body functions much better when exposed to nature. More exposure to animals ensured a healthier lifestyle, a lifestyle that gave our grandparents much-needed rest.

They would simply go out and relax while watching the wildlife. We don’t see that a lot nowadays.

Time and Patience was the Doctor

Today’s lifestyle is extremely fast, much faster than the lifestyle of the past. People rush to work, then they rush home, then they go to sleep, Rinse and repeat. Good luck if you get injured because you’ll most likely have to rush the recovery and rush back to work.

It’s very unhealthy and dangerous, yet; it’s how the world works today. Our Ancestors took the time to recover and this is a reason enough to avoid allergies to the injury occurred.

Gadget-free Life

People are so focused on devices nowadays that they’re missing out on the beauty of the world. People liked tending to their garden in the past. Now, a rare few do that.

We have become disconnected from nature and have connected to a virtual world; one that offers only material benefits not pleasures of the real outside world.

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