When it comes to cheating on a partner, most people imagine ultimate betrayal in an obvious way.

The truth is that cheating can come in many more subtle forms, so subtle that some people don’t even realize that they are cheating.

If you notice yourself doing any of these six things you may want to be careful and consider your actions.

1. When you’re always thinking of someone else.

People always say, “It’s the thought that counts”, but is that true with cheating? Is actually committing the crime of kissing another person much worse than imagining it daily? Though some people will argue that you are safe in your own head, the thought of being with someone who is always picturing an ex or a new crush is pretty horrible.

2. When you have secret relationships, of any kind.

Even if you don’t have a secret person whom you’re intimate with, it’s a pretty bad sign if you are keeping relationships from your partner.

If you are becoming close or friendly with a coworker, and your partner has never heard of the person, it may mean you have some hidden feelings. Even if you don’t realize it, there must be a reason why you’ve never brought this person up to your partner in conversation.

3. When you hide things from your partner.

In addition to hiding people from your partner, it’s a bad sign if you’re hiding things, especially money. It shows that you have plans in store that don’t include your partner.

Also hiding your emotions, feelings, and thoughts can be just as bad. If you constantly say you’re fine when you are not, it may be reflecting decisions you’ve made which you know are bad for your relationship. You may be trying to convince yourself that these decisions weren’t so bad by downplaying the situation.

4. When you talk badly about your partner to others.

Of course, every relationship comes with its fair share of arguments and when you need to vent it’s normal to do so with one of your friends.

However, if you are portraying your partner in a negative light to family, friends, and coworkers often it’s a terrible sign and in a way, you are cheating on them in the form of disrespect. If your partner really does deserve all the harsh things you have to say about them, chances are they are not the right person for you and it’s time to end the relationship.

5. You are putting other things before your relationship.

If you are constantly putting your friends, family members, bosses, and others before your relationship it shows that you are taking your partner for granted.

It may feel like you already have your partner but you don’t already have the promotion, so you need to impress your boss and give her or his priority. If you do this too often, your partner will feel taken advantage of and neglected, and won’t stick around forever.

6. Choosing to your own happiness over your partner’s.

You should never feel guilty for your own happiness, but if you are always choosing it over the happiness of your partner you have got a problem.

If you fill all your spare time with your own hobbies, never considering what your partner find happiness in it’s showing that you don’t care about your partner as much as you should.


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