Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? If so, there are certain foods that IBS sufferers should avoid. There are also foods that help sooth the irritations of this illness as well.

I’m not the most educated person when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome, but I do suffer from the issue. I endure some of the worst discomfort and pain due to the inflammation and irritation from enduring IBS. However, I am becoming more familiar with foods I should avoid because of my IBS, and foods that help me through the worst symptoms.

Avoid these foods if you suffer from IBS

It takes time to understand how certain food affects your digestive system. In fact, sometimes you can only discover the problems through trial and error. After experiencing the worst of these symptoms, you can learn what foods to avoid with IBS.

Here are some examples:

1. Pizza

I had to learn the hard way about pizza because, let’s face it, the pie is delicious. I grew up eating pizza and continued throughout my adult life, as with most people. Unfortunately, pizza is not a friend to IBS, and here’s why.

Pizza is covered in cheese which has a high-fat content. It’s also greasy which also inflames the intestines. The cheeses on pizza can also cause constipation, another negative consequence of IBS. If you choose to eat pizza, you might want to limit your intake to two pieces only. Be careful.

2. Soda

Carbonated drinks are not the best choices for those who suffer from IBS. This is mainly due to the acid within the soda. Acid causes symptoms of IBS to worsen. Also, the sugar and caffeine content is a bad idea – sugar causes inflammation while the caffeine causes gut spasms.

3. Cabbage

I used to love cabbage, but now I avoid this vegetable like the plague. The reason why cabbage has such negative effects on those who deal with irritable bowel syndrome is that any roughage vegetable produces higher amounts of gas.

Gas pain is horrible and expelling gases are embarrassing. You might want to skip on that coleslaw.

4. Ice cream

Although ice cream is a treat that most people love, it can cause painful symptoms of IBS. Ice cream contains both sugars and fat, which cause inflammation in the gut. Avoiding ice cream or at least limiting your consumption will improve your health.

5. Beans

You might not be aware of this fact, but beans are hard to digest. This is because they are considered complex carbohydrates. Some varieties, like dry beans, cannot be fully digested at all. With this being said, beans can cause horrible symptoms like gas and bloating for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

With IBS, these symptoms of bloating and gas are much worse than in those who do not have irritable bowel syndrome. These symptoms can be almost unbearable, causing pain lasting for hours.

6. Coffee

Coffee is good for you, for the most part, but it does have one adverse effect on IBS patients. Coffee is a stimulant which means it can cause gut spasms about 20-30 minutes after ingestion.

Many times, those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome will endure diarrhea after drinking coffee. This can be quite uncomfortable.

7. Spicy foods

Any spicy foods such as peppers or sauces can cause immediate irritation to an already irritated bowel. Also, these spicy foods can cause pain when they are expelled in your wastes when the time comes. This discomfort can also cause inflammation of the gut.

Foods that soothe IBS symptoms

As there are foods to avoid with IBS so there are also foods that soothe these bad symptoms. If you can keep a record of this information, you can find immediate and prolonged relief from the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

Here are a few options:

1. Ginger

I can attest to the helpfulness of this remedy. Ginger has the ability to decrease inflammation in the gut and soothe nausea. You can use ginger in lemon water or you can add it to other drinks that do not irritate your gut. I personally use fresh ginger root in my water every morning.

2. Flaxseeds

While some fibers, insoluble fibers to be exact, exasperate symptoms, other fibers, soluble fibers, such as flaxseed, actually provide relief. Soluble fibers such as flaxseed decrease inflammation and also provides helpful fatty acids.

3. Bananas

Fruits like bananas are considered simple carbohydrates, which means they are easy to digest. You can eat these fruits instead of rich desserts which usually include sugars or dairy.

4. Plain meats

If you eat proteins such as meats, you should eat them with only a small amount of seasoning or condiments. For example, Himalayan salt can be used to season poultry, beef or seafood.

Although this may not seem as tasty as what you’re used to, it’s a good start to healing your gut. You can move on to more seasoning choices later on.

5. Yogurt

Ingestion of yogurt is probably the safest choice in dairy consumption. Although it is dairy, it also has beneficial cultures that help heal and keep the digestive system working correctly.

Other options when dealing with IBS

Now that you’re familiar with foods to avoid with IBS, and also foods that soothe, maybe you should consider other options. Individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome can also benefit from probiotics and exercise.

Without activity, your digestive system just will not work like it’s supposed to. You may also want to become familiar with the link between mental health and digestion.

Remember these tips when struggling with IBS. There is hope and with the right treatment, diet and active lifestyle, you can heal your digestive system.


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