When you know and care about unhappy people, it’s your first inclination to do whatever you can to fix them.

Believe it or not, unhappy people aren’t always meant to be fixed…by someone else.

Much of the time unhappy people need to find their own path out of the darkness and it’s not going to happen until they are one hundred percent ready.

If you’re in a situation where you are trying to help unhappy people, know that sometimes there’s nothing you can directly do. Here are three reasons why unhappy people in your life can’t always be helped.

1. It’s important to learn from your own mistakes

In life, it’s important to learn from your own mistakes because lessons will mean so much more to you this way. Simply telling unhappy people how to think is not going to work as well as if the thought naturally occurs to them.

You need to let the unhappy person in your life stumble upon their own reasons to behappy,rather than force feeding them yours.

2. More pressure is bad

It’s difficult not to expect unhappy people to get better, NOW. However, if you make this feeling very evident over and over again, it will do the opposite of help. If an unhappy person feels a large amount of pressure to do something, which already feels impossible for him or her, they will become stressed outand even more unhappy. If your presence becomes too stressful for unhappy people, they may push you away.

How can someone who is being pushed away possibly help? In these situations, the best way to help someone is to simply be there and give support when asked.

3. You’re not ready until you’re ready

It sounds too simple but it’s really true,people aren’t ready…until they’re ready! This can be seen when you watch someone accomplish any big goal such as losing weight or learning a language. You’re not going to succeed until you want to deep inside and have found your own reasons for doing so. Changing your mindset for the better is the same. Unhappy people will not succeed at changing because others want them to. They will only succeed because they want themselves to and they are ready to.

It’s hard to sit by and watch someone you know live an unhappy life. This is true especially if you know that you can’t help directly.

Remember, simply being around an unhappy person and offering up your compassion, without the threat of any pressure, will help more than you know.


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