Meet Matthieu Ricard, who is believed to be the happiest person in the world! What is his secret to happiness?

The search for happiness on an ongoing worldwide endeavor venturing through lifetimes. The questions that usually arise are:

Is happiness just a momentary illusion?

Does a true state of happiness actually exist?

On a virtual search, streaming out realms of happiness the name “Matthieu Ricard” pops out in search engines. And who is he that is noted as the happiest person in the world?

A Tibetan Buddhist monk that was a participant in a twelve-year brain study on compassion and meditation by a University of Wisconsin neuroscientist, Richard Davidson.

The 256 sensors that were placed on Ricard’s brain indicated that While Ricard was in meditation sessions, his mind was ‘light’.

Ricard admitted he is generally happy and offered some points on achieving the ‘light side,’ breezing through life.

The main issue is about eliminating self-focus. Thoughts about yourself and making all better for you can be brain-draining leading to unhappiness. Not in a moral sense, yet it can get stuffy to signal the whole world as a threatening feature to you. Stay away from selfish thoughts.

It is best to strive towards benevolence, which will both make you feel better, and others too. Not by allowing others to take advantage but strive to be kind within reasonable measures. A mind filled with benevolence has solidarity and passion. Once you reach this healthy state of mind, it continues to flourish.

The mind will be in a better state mentally and therefore the body will reap the benefits. It will be perceived and received on a better level by all around you.

According to Ricard, all have the ability to reach a lighter state of mind. There is the potential for goodness in all unless of course, you have some chemical deficiency and mission on as a serial killer.

Just as marathon runners need to train before taking on the miles, people that need happiness need to train their minds. Ricard preferred method is meditation. Happiness is a skill that can be configured through training. This is what we can learn from the happiest person in the world.

All you have to do is take ten or fifteen minutes each day. Think just happy thoughts.

This brings feelings of love and happiness. Concentrate on not getting distracted, keeping the focus on positive thoughts. Do this every day and in just two weeks you will feel the positive results. Ongoing practice will make you reach higher levels of happiness.

It is confirmed. Happiness is possible. Happiness is achievable. Studies in neuroscience indicate that twenty minutes of meditation each day will definitely create higher happiness levels.

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