Taking a break in a relationship is not what anyone really wants to do. However, there are some situations that can be improved by doing so.

Being in a relationship can be fulfilling and beautiful. Sometimes, on the other hand, relationships can be stormy and filled with resentment. Taking a break in a relationship can actually improve your union in many ways.

It doesn’t mean you’re breaking up, on the contrary. Taking a break in a relationship just means you need a bit of space for a number of reasons.

When Taking a break is the best option

There are certain situations and conditions that truly warrant taking a break in a relationship. Not every relationship needs this, mind you, just some unions where things seemed to have changed.

You can look at pictures and tell when a certain amount of happiness has faded. You can see it in the lack of smile and the change in the eyes. In these situations, taking a break in a relationship would probably be a good idea.

Here are a few more reasons and time to take a break.

1. Revisiting YOU

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, maybe a relationship that’s lasted for more than three years, you will often forget a few things about yourself. Being in a relationship causes each partner to fade into each other.

It’s not that you forget who you are entirely, it’s just the lines of each person become blurry.

Maybe taking a break in a relationship can help you remember who you really are and what you really like about yourself. Maybe it’s time to revisit the old you and pay attention to everything you’re sacrificing with the relationship.

It will help you see clearer and re-establish your morals and standards.

2. Absence and the heart

Sometimes taking a break in a relationship can give you something you no longer have, the opportunity to miss each other. Think about it, if you’re living together, you really don’t get a chance to miss each other, now do you?

Since you cohabitate, you see each other every day, and you may have noticed you’re not as excited to see each other as you were when you lived in separate places. It might be smart to take a break and revitalize your relationship.

3. Put things into perspective

Taking a break in a relationship also helps you put things into perspective. It’s common that couples will get accustomed to saying things like, “I love you”, and “You’re beautiful”, but these things can also become stale.

If you step away for a while, you will see a new meaning in these words, and just how powerful they are. When it’s time to reconnect, these words will be new again and help you rejuvenate the union.

4. Too much fighting

If your relationship is filled with arguments and yelling, then something is wrong. I am not saying you should break up, oh no. It’s possible that you just see too much of each other and expect to fight.

If you are expecting to have a fight every day, it will make you irritable and think in a negative manner. Sometimes you just need to get away and clear your mind so you can take another shot at communication.

5. The long-distance union

If one of you plans to go to college in another city or state, you might want to think about taking a break. This can also be the case with those who need to relocate for a new job. Relocation and relationships work on so many different levels, and it’s not easy to judge when it’s right and when it’s wrong.

With marriage, for instance, it’s just not feasible to leave your partner and it’s not usually the best choice to take a break either. When it comes to dating, however, taking a break because of a relocation could be the thing needed to test the relationship.

6. In the case of confusion

Taking a break in a relationship is also wise when you feel confused. It’s never a good idea to forcefully stay around each other when you’re not even sure if you want to be in the relationship at all.

Maybe you do, and just feel confused about other things. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what’s creating the confusion when you cannot take time to yourself when you need to. Taking a break will allow you to figure out what’s making you feel confused.

Then you can prepare to do something about it.

The rules of the break

If you’ve decided to take a break, then here are a few things you need to remember. During a break, you will keep in contact with one another. You should be able to ask questions, including whether or not you’re seeing someone else.

You will need to establish some ground rules, and agree on whether you will be seeing anyone else. Another thing you must agree on is how long the break will last. This will have to be a time decided by both of you.

I hope this has helped you decide where you are in your relationship. If taking a break in a relationship is on your mind, then maybe your partner is thinking the same way.

Always communicate and try to appreciate what’s best for both of you. I wish you luck.


By Sherrie H.

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