There are some thought-provoking questions to ask when you seek to deepen your connection with a person, especially if it is a romantic partner.

Whether you have been with a partner for ten months or ten years, you can always find yourself finding out more about them and feeling closer in the relationship.

You may know their favorite food, their favorite color and everything else that there is to know, but there is always more that you can find out, and it keeps the relationship exciting.

There are some meaningful questions to ask if you really want to know your partner on a deep level.

Having deep conversations with your partner help to strengthen your relationship and give you a strong foundation on which to build a future. If you are looking for ways to create a deeper connection with your partner, we have ten questions to ask each other, which are scientifically proven to deepen the connection between a couple.

Asking the right questions and giving honest answers can increase the commitment and love from both partners.

1. What is the one thing that always makes you procrastinate?

This question to ask helps you see how efficient someone is, and what they struggle with. We are all guilty of procrastination, but each of us has particular tasks that we struggle with especially. Those who struggle with everyday tasks tend to be a bit more emotional and will throw themselves into challenges and tasks that are emotionally charged.

Those who are more goal-orientated, however, find these tasks more difficult and will procrastinate to prevent them. Yet, those who are more goal-orientated will get straight into intellectually challenging tasks and stay on top of their organization.

2. If you had one billion dollars, how would you spend it?

This is a typical, silly question to ask, but it says a lot about a person’s values. A billion dollars is enough to happily stop working and live comfortably for the rest of your life. The answers to this question are endless, and it can show you whether or not your personality and that of your partner are similar, or that you share the same goals.

Travel, charity, and opportunism are all open when it comes to being given one billion dollars to spend as you wish.

3. Is there anything that you find to be completely unforgivable?

This question is one that we answer based on our life experiences. Those who have never suffered emotional trauma can be less forgiving when faced with the situation first hand. Others find that, once they have gone through an emotionally traumatic experience, they can be more understanding and forgiving to those who have wronged them.

Some people see cheating as completely unforgivable, then there are those who can see past the black and white, and look to the reasons why it may have happened in the first place.

4. What is one behavior that you cannot tolerate?

Everyone has little things that they can’t stand, whether it be eating with your mouth open or talking with your mouth full. Asking this question early on in a relationship can help you find out these pet peeves before you commit them, or realize that your partner gets annoyed by the strangest things.

5. Do you believe in fate?

Fate is a big concept, and not everyone will answer yes to this question. Some people believe in some kind of destiny, though it may not be ‘fate’ and others believe that everything that happens is purely coincidental.

This opens up a dialogue to an interesting conversation and helps to give you some insight on where your partner stands on the subject.

6. If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

This question speaks to those who inspire your partner, and their answer will usually be connected to a hobby or skill that they are passionate about. Those who love literature may want to meet their literary idol, where art fanatics will want to meet the artistic counterpart.

Not only does this question to ask to give you insight into what interests your partner, it also tells you what eras, genres, and themes that they enjoy the things that they enjoy and feel passionate about.

7. If you could splice two animals together, what new animal would you create?

These kinds of questions to ask may sound fun and silly, but they speak volumes to creativity and imagination. Describe how the animal would look, what aspects it would take from either parent and why you would create this animal in particular, what purpose it would fill.

You’ll probably find out some interesting things about your partner’s favorite animals and you’ll have a good laugh along the way.

8. If you could learn any new skill, what would it be?

Ambition is important, and understanding your partner’s ambitions can help you to support them. If it is something you can learn together, this will deepen the bond and make learning all the more fun.

Whether it be taking a cooking class together, learning a new language, or picking up an instrument, it will always deepen the connection between partners if they are doing it together and learning as a couple.

9. What subject do you wish you paid more attention to in school?

We are all guilty of having a least favorite subject in school, and therefore slacking off due to boredom. We can often regret this later in life, however, when we find out just how important these subjects can be as an adult.

Learning where your partner let their attention slip tells you what they loved in school and what they didn’t, as well as what they think is important nowadays.

10. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?

Aliens and ghosts are both seen as fantasy beings, but there are some instances that have lead people to believe that these beings exist. Although it is a theoretical question, asking your partner what they believe in can open up an interesting debate and give you something to talk about if you don’t necessarily agree.

Communication is important in a relationship, so asking these questions gives you a means of communication that isn’t the generic everyday talk. Some of these questions to ask are a bit more thought-provoking while some are just a bit of fun.

However, no matter how you do it, creating a deeper connection boosts the health of your relationship and brings you closer together as a couple.

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