Should you listen to your heart or mind? That’s a serious battle, right there. Sometimes it seems like the heart has a mind of its own.

It convinces you to do the wrong thing, and then you regret the decisions you took without actual consideration. Sometimes, however, the mind works as a counterbalance. It convinces you to stay reasonable and put the heart under control. But is that the right thing to do, should you listen to your heart or mind?

In some situations, it’s important to be reasonable. Sometimes, however, the direction of the heart deserves attention, too.

We’ll list 5 situations when it’s better to listen to your heart instead of your head.

1. When You Know It’s Time to Transform Your Life

It’s rare for people to base life-changing decisions on their feelings. When they feel that something is wrong and they are stuck in a situation with no easy exit, the mind takes control.

It convinces them to stay put. It tells them that anyway out would bring struggle along the way. So they decide to stay in that comfort zone, simply because they are used to it and they know what to expect.

The heart rebels. It leaves you sleepless, triggering strong emotions that you cannot control.

This is the time to listen to your heart. You have to figure out what drives those feelings. The root cause is something you have to deal with. Your mind will try to convince you that the most comfortable decision is the most reasonable one, but it’s not.

You have to make a change. You have to transform your life. You have to listen to your intuition and make that step forward, no matter how hard it seems.

2. When You’re Wondering if You Should Date Someone

The mind can lead you to a very wrong decision when it comes to choosing a partner. Yes; your heart can make mistakes. It will fall in love with the wrong person and it will drive you down a rollercoaster.

You know what? Love is always a rollercoaster. Sometimes the reason has to prevail and you have to break things up before you get too deep in. But that comes later. At the start of a relationship, you should always give the heart some credit.

The mind will try to convince you that this person doesn’t make enough money, isn’t cool enough, or isn’t ambitious enough for you. The heart will still have sympathy.

Why not try? Yes; it may lead to trauma. But trauma is part of life, and you only get stronger by dealing with it.

If your heart is shouting a clear yes when you’re wondering if you should date someone, just do it. Go out on few dates. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

3. When Your Deep Intuition Is Telling You Something Important

There’s a reason why scientists call the heart “the little brain.” 40K sensory neurons send information from the heart to the brain. That’s exactly why there’s an entire branch in medicine called neurocardiology – it explores communication between the heart and the brain, and its effects over the entire human body.

The heart often sends signals to the brain, which we recognize as intuition. Those signals come through nervous system connections, biomechanical information through blood pressure waves, and hormones.

We cannot ignore this information. When you’re sitting in deep meditation and you feel something extremely strong coming from within, you should pay attention to that signal. Settle.

Stay quiet. Listen to it. Try to understand what your heart is telling you. Recognize your emotions and learn how to deal with them, without allowing the mind to interfere.

4. When the Ego Gets Too Big

The so-called ego is at the center of your mind. It presents you as the center of the universe. Your heart, on the other hand, feels that you’re just a part of the chain that connects everyone and everything. When your ego gets too big, you lose that connection with the world.

The ego can interfere with all aspects of your life. When your ego is huge, you solely focus on your own achievements and you seek constant approval. That’s not the attitude that makes teamwork successful.

When you’re part of a team, you should always understand where other people’s actions are coming from. You must find the middle ground and work towards a common understanding.

Yes; there’s some reason involved in the process, but it’s mostly the heart that creates a connection.

Stop being a slave to your own ego! Your mind has trapped you in a situation that doesn’t allow you to see the connection you have with everyone around you.

When you clean your mind from that influence, you’ll allow the heart to prevail and you’ll be more successful in all collaborations. Isn’t that a reasonable thing to do?

5. When the Heart Leads You To Simple and Pure Realization

The mind tends to complicate things.

“I love painting and I’d love to do that for a living. But there’s no business in that. It’s really hard to get noticed. No one buys art nowadays. People don’t spend money on paintings; they will just print out Picasso for their living room. I should just study something practical… something that would make me some money.”

The “I love painting and I’d love to do that for a living” was the heart. Pure, simple love for something. Then, the mind started prevailing and convincing this person to take another road.

When you have a true passion towards something, it’s not just a thought. It is your pure, essential nature. It’s something you can do without thinking, and you feel good when doing it. Maybe it won’t lead you to great success.

Maybe it won’t be the thing you’ll want to do in future. But it’s the right thing to do at this point, and you should definitely give the heart some credit.

If your reason leads you in a different direction, it’s okay to listen to it. Yes; this person could take graphic design courses if they have artistic skills. However, they should never steer away from their true passion. They should keep painting and improve their skills since that’s the direction their heart leads to.

Life is not easy. It doesn’t come with a user manual. When you’re about to make an important decision, your heart and mind interfere and you don’t know “who” to listen to. The important thing is to focus. Do not allow your mind to suffocate your heart.

Justlisten to your heart and find balance!

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