The crazy battle that’s going on in our heads can be a tough one. Try as we might, sometimes our everyday negative thoughts just seem to overwhelm us. As such, our entire life gets affected.

Our mood goes down. Our energy levels get slapped and even the people around us change unknowingly. I know how it feels. Being an angry person, negative thoughts come in out of nowhere and ruin my day. I’ve been working on it and I realized how they are like to come in certain forms and shapes.

Here are 9 everyday negative thoughts you need to throw away to be happy:

1. He got away with it.

Ever felt like somebody wronged you and they got away with it? There was no justice, no punishment and only you suffered in the end.

It’s easy to think that our wrongdoers “won” over us, but we need to stop this. Let it go. We don’t need to get even. Remember that life isn’t fair too, so let go of the idea that you want things to go a certain way only.

2. Just my Luck.

This is when of all days, of all times, and of all people, something bad had to happen to you. You then start to wonder what are the odds and why it had to be you. It can be exasperating, but let it go. Sh*t happens.

Shrug it off and just move on. You’ll get your better days too where the good stuff happens for seemingly no reason.

3. She’s just going to say no.

Or react a certain way you think will happen. I think we all stress ourselves out too much as we anticipate something undesirable to happen. But how often is this actually true?

It’s all in your head. Think about it: How many times have things turned out for the best in the end? So psyche yourself out!

4. It’s going to be a drag for sure.

We all have routines. Most commonly, it’s about work. We’re so used to it all that we’re numb to it. Yes, it can be boring, but it’s up to you to innovate and look on the bright side of life.

Have some fun now. Your life isn’t meant to be a drag. Change something already! That’s how you get different results.

5. I’m all alone.

Well, not just physically. I think that when it comes to our personal issues, we’re very hard on ourselves in the sense that we think we’re the only ones going through it as we feel all the pain and frustration inside.

But you really aren’t alone. Everybody has their own issues. Seek comfort in others and ask for help. Others are willing to show their support.

6. I’m just going to mess up again.

Whatever challenges you’re about to face, be brave and be strong about it.

Heck, fake the confidence even. You’ll do that much better that way. You’re always improving since you’re already trying. Failure only comes when you stop trying. So do your best. It’s ok. Stop being so hard on yourself already!

7. I Hate.

Hate is an ugly word. It’s very strong and does nothing good for you. By hating, you’re effectively wasting your time and energy. Nothing will ever change whatever that has happened. So let it go and move on. Try to forgive instead.

If you feel you aren’t ready to forgive him or her, then forgive yourself first. Forgive yourself so you can evolve and live a better life.

Throw Away Negative Thoughts

8. I’m Tired.

I know you probably are tired. But I categorized this as a negative thought because I want to challenge you to plan your day better. Tired? Well, sleep better then. Stop going to bed with your phone. Just go to sleep. And are you really tired? Or just lazy?

If you know that you can be pushed past the lethargy and do something awesome, then do it already. Everybody is tired today, but the ones who go for what they want to know it’s just an excuse. Get tired from doing what you want.

Then sleep with satisfaction.

9. I’m too Busy.

This too I categorize under negative thinking. I get it. You’re probably busy with work and everything. But think about it: Everybody is busy today. If you truly want something, you’ll make time for it. No excuses. I’m pretty sure you can.

And pretty soon, you can finally enjoy doing whatever it is you want. Do it.



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