As you may already know, you could learn a lot about yourself from your zodiac sign – from how intelligent or how sensitive you are to what kind of clothes or shoes are best suited to you according to your sign. Therefore, it makes sense that the dominant personality traits of your zodiac sign would also dictate how you act when you’re in love or in a romantic relationship. So, if you’re wondering how different zodiac signs show their love and behave in a relationship, continue reading.

Here’s how different zodiac signs love and approach romantic relationships:


If you’re an Aries, you’re a bold, courageous, self-confident, determined, and passionate person. You feel the desire to take the first step when it comes to romance, and when you’re in love, you’re always highly energetic, excited, and generous, showering your partner with affection and gifts.

You’re not afraid to take the lead in your relationship, and this applies to both inside and outside of the bedroom. For you, love is giving and receiving someone’s full attention, so when you’re in a relationship, you give your partner your undivided attention, but you expect the same in return.


If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you’re one of the most patient, reliable, and responsible signs of the zodiac. You’re very sensitive and love to be pampered, so your potential partner needs to be able to satisfy every one of your needs.

You need to be in a safe, trustworthy, and loving environment for any romance to occur. However, when you fall in love with someone, you fall in love hard and you become the most loyal and reliable partner who will give their all to the one you love.


If you were born under this zodiac sign, you’re a loyal, imaginative, emotional, caring, and extremely sensitive person. Feelings and romance are very important to you when it comes to love and relationships. You’re a hopeless romantic, so when you fall in love, your entire world revolves around that person.

You’re a great listener and a homebody, so your partner needs to be reliable and willing to spend the majority of time cuddling with you at home. The bad thing is that sometimes you tend to become clingy when you’re in a committed relationship, which can make your partner feel suffocated.


As a Leo, you’re a very warm-hearted, generous, optimistic, and passionate individual. When you like someone, you’re not afraid to take the lead – you will be honest and show your feelings immediately. You’re a protective lover who loves the feeling of being adored and gets easily jealous.

You’re known to be egoistic and self-centered, but when you’re in love, you become one of the most generous and loyal lovers of all the zodiac signs. When it comes to relationships, to you, it’s really important to feel that you’re appreciated and loved the way you think you deserve to be loved.


If your zodiac sign is Virgo, love for you means stability. You want someone reliable and someone who you can always depend on. You like routine and you dislike changes, so you feel most comfortable in a predictable and practical relationship.

Also, you tend to be shy and picky when it comes to love, so you need a partner that can make you feel safe and understand your needs and desires. As a Virgo, you’re a loyal and loving partner who shows their love by creating a clean and organized environment for their loved ones.


If you were born under the sign of Libra, you’re a charming, romantic, diplomatic, flirty, and gracious individual. You’re into old-fashioned romance and you value things like chivalry, romantic dates, and grand gestures of love. You’re the most considerate, caring, and thoughtful partner, willing to sacrifice your own needs for the benefit of your significant other.

Since your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, it’s only natural that you’re a hopeless romantic who loves to ‘be in love’. You hate being alone, and when you’re in love, you’ll be dedicated and work hard to create a stable, peaceful and harmonious relationship.


For you Gemini, love means friendship. You’re a witty, communicative, curious, and picky individual who doesn’t fall in love easily. But, once you do, there’s no going back.

Communication is key for a successful relationship for you, so when you’re in love, you’re always calling and texting your partner. You’re a social butterfly who values a partner who’s always up for a conversation or a fun event.

However, your partner also needs to accept your mood swings and understand that although you enjoy chatting and having fun, sometimes even you need to recharge and just sit at home doing nothing.


You’re a stubborn, but very brave, sensual and passionate individual, Scorpio. You’re also one of the most distrustful and jealous zodiac signs who hates lies, so you need an honest and intelligent partner who won’t keep secrets from you.

For you, physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship is really important, so you’re always looking to make a deep connection with your partner. Since you’re also a very intense person with strong emotions, when you’re in love, you would go to any limits for your partner.


You’re a fun-loving, energetic, independent, and idealistic person who loves exploring and has a huge appetite for new experiences. You need a partner who is playful and fun-loving as you are, someone with whom you can travel and explore new things and new places.

For you, love is a big adventure, but when you fall in love with the right person, you’re devoted, faithful, caring, and generous partner, willing to try anything to please your partner.


Those born under the sign of Capricorn are very disciplined, responsible, devoted people with lots of self-control. If you’re a Capricorn yourself, you probably like to express your love through actions rather than words.

You might be considered as cold and rational when it comes to love, but you’re a loyal and reliable partner and you’re willing to work hard to provide financial stability for your partner. You’re drawn to intelligent people who have a sense of integrity, and with whom you can build a long-term relationship.


As an Aquarius, you’re highly independent, empathetic, intelligent and inventive. When it comes to romantic relationships, you like to be friends with the person before moving into anything serious.

Intellectual stimulation is one of the biggest pleasures for your sign, therefore you need a partner that can engage you in conversation and match your level of intelligence. For you, love means friendship and companionship, so you want someone with whom you can share your interests and hobbies, and someone who will love you and accept you for who you truly are.

Also, your potential partner should understand your need for space and freedom from time to time.


If you were born under the sign of Pisces, you’re a wise, intuitive, gentle, romantic, and very emotional individual. You love intensely and feel things deeply and since you wear your heart on your sleeve, you’re very vulnerable and easily hurt, that’s why you need to avoid the zodiac signs that will break your heart.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re the most loving, kind, nurturing, and generous partner in the world. You want a deep connection with someone, and for you, the soul of a person is more important than their physical appearance.

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