Street Artist Created Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Our Society

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Many street artists have used their creativity to highlight poverty, abuse and a myriad of other social problems. Some have gone a step further and used their art to critique government policies that they feel need changing. One street artist, Dran, uses thought-provoking illustrations to emphasize the need for social change. How art reflects social problems People would argue that the world faces many crises and social problems abound. Artists have always believed that it is their responsibility to give social justice a voice. Works

8 Struggles That Only a Music Lover Will Understand

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Are you a music lover? Then you will most probably relate to these struggles. For some, music may be just one of the many factors that help to make up their life, in addition to food, sports, movies and so much more. For is life itself! Do you ever feel slightly misunderstood by your friends who claim that they are not really into music? The people who will listen to any old garbage the radio puts out, and deem it worthy, are almost as

How to Use Finger Painting to Revoke Your Inner Child & Release Stress

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All sorts of fine arts have been used as excellent tools for stress relief for many years now. The healing properties of colors have been studied and proven, and many psychologists tend to recommend the usage of coloring pages or mandala coloring as a technique for relaxation, stress relief, and even meditation. Many of us had forgotten the awesome feeling we had when we were children when coloring was our daily activity. Children can express various emotions and talents while coloring or painting. One of

19-Year-Old Artist Creates Amazing 3D Paintings Using Real-Life Objects

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Just when we thought art had reached its height, another artist surprises us with more! It makes no sense to label what art should be, how it should look or what it should be made from. Art can be anything you want it to be, just take the 3d paintings by Kristina Webb, for instance. This New Zealand native takes the imagination to a whole new level. Art has again, inspired us and left us in awe! We might wonder where this woman gained her influence, whether through

This Incredible Artist Creates Amazing Street Art Murals From Trash

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Bordalo II is a promising artist trying to change the world through street art. His works are a way of condemning the “throwaway culture” that dominates the world we live in and transmitting the message of recycling. What a mission, and what an amazing way to achieve it! Bordalo II goes against the flow of overconsumption and rapid obsolescence. Animal suffering due to human exploitation, an overlooked aspect by the majority of modern societies, is the main subject of his "Big Trash Animals" collection. As

The Hang Drum: A World of Harmonies in your Hands

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I want you to remember one of those fantasy movies that TV played during the holiday season and usually starred some faerie or mermaid story of sorts. Normally, the faeries/mermaids/whatever would have a banquet at some point in the movie, and you'd hear this beautiful, graceful, ethereal sound. I want you to remember that sound. And now I want you to imagine it coming from a UFO-shaped drum. And now you are probably very confused and staring at your screen in a "What were you