Just when we thought art had reached its height, another artist surprises us with more! It makes no sense to label what art should be, how it should look or what it should be made from.

Art can be anything you want it to be, just take the 3d paintings by Kristina Webb, for instance.

This New Zealand native takes the imagination to a whole new level. Art has again, inspired us and left us in awe! We might wonder where this woman gained her influence, whether through the environment or through the works of others. Maybe, she was influenced by her imagination alone.

So, I guess you wonder what the fuss is all about. Well, the thing that makes Kristina Webb’s artwork so unique is her choice of medium – it’s that simple!

An Unconventional Tool

One of the most interesting facets of art is the ability to use mixed media. Like other artists, Webb uses mixed media to create her masterpieces. Unlike other artists, however, Kristina uses food and nature, to make her work come to life. These unconventional tools add depth and range which causes the viewer to pause, taking a second glance.

Who thought food and nature could intertwine so beautifully onto the canvas? Who thought rose petals could become a dress? What? Well, Kristina had a vision like no other, apparently. She wove the natural elements into the colors and lines of her drawings.

Some examples of her chosen mediums are spaghetti for hair, butterflies for the frills of a dress, and plant life for an unconventional rendition of a tree in which hangs a child’s swing. How imaginative! Her conventional media, on the other hand, consists of colored pencils, for the most part.

Although Kristina Webb is still young at the ripe old age of 19 she still has a large social media following. She has also completed portraits for celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Lauren Conrad, Ed Sheeran and Cody Simpson.

Kristina has recently released a book called, Color Me Creative: Unlock your imagination. The book features realistic exercise for the fan to try!





Using the bold colors of the pencils for the form and leaves of lettuce for a dress, Kristina Webb creates a 3D portrait of an elegant lady.






Kristina’s 3D paintings are truly amazing.


Her young age, and if she continues to pursue this dream, promises more dramatic and vibrant work for her fans!

Check out more of her designs and judge for yourself.

More info about her projects: Facebook| twitter

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