Bordalo II is a promising artist trying to change the world through street art.

His works are a way of condemning the “throwaway culture” that dominates the world we live in and transmitting the message of recycling. What a mission, and what an amazing way to achieve it!

Bordalo II goes against the flow of overconsumption and rapid obsolescence. Animal suffering due to human exploitation, an overlooked aspect by the majority of modern societies, is the main subject of his “Big Trash Animals” collection.

As he has stated, he loves to “do it in big”, big murals, and big collages, with lots of garbage. As a result, he creates huge animal figures using the very same materials of their destruction, such as old tires and industrial trash in an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking project that carries his own personal signature.

Here is what he has told us about his work.

  • Tell us a little about yourself. How did your relationship with your art begin, what motivated you to create this kind of art?

I’m Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Lisbon. I’m inspired by the real world. We live in a crazy world, where the consumerism, materialism, and capitalism have more than a world to say. It rules human lives.

The greed for nothing is so big that we are destroying the planet to keep our insignificant lives full of objects that we probably don’t even need. I have a few different series of works, the small scales that have more details and there are pictures of human actions, social critics, funny/ridiculous situations, all built with trash.

Then, I have the more well-known collection of murals called “Big Trash Animals“, where I build images of animals with trash. It´s about creating the image of the victims with what kills them.

  • What does it offer you?

Self-realization, and the opportunity to share a message that I believe in.

  • Your art transmits a strong environmental message. Where does your eco-consciousness derive from?

I’m not sure, I think that education is important, but everybody develops its own conscience or no conscience, it probably comes by life experiences.

  • In your opinion, what is the beauty of street art?

To communicate with people so you can share something important, more than just colors and forms, messages.

  • How do you select the location?

It really depends on the projects, but I select the objects that I imagine I can use to shape better the images as I want.

  • What are your plans for the future?

Keep working, try new stuff, find the next levels, and hit as many people as possible with my ideas.

Enjoy the video:

Check out the gallery of our favorite pieces of street art Bordalo II created:

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