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I am an undergrad Law student moonlighting as a writer and aspiring to one day gather enough experiences and turn them into ink and paper. The inctricacies of the human mind and its peculiar ways have always fascinated me, and urged me to explore more, not only the human mind, but humans and humanity as a whole, hopefully leading me to interesting findings. Literature, music and movie geek to boot.

This Socialist Utopia Town Has Full Employment, Free Housing, Few Police and No Crime

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Andalusia is a beautiful province in Spain. It's calm, picturesque, and filled with greenery, wheat fields, and acres of olive trees, like many areas in southern Europe, home of the Mediterranean people, as Italians, Spaniards and Greeks are often called. But these regions, and especially Andalusia, located on the far south of Spain, have had their limits and morale severely tested for more than half a decade now, ever since the global financial crisis of 2009 started, hitting Southern Europe hard and where it hurt


With These Pop-up Modular Pods You Can Live Anywhere in the World Off-Grid

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  Pod Space is the award-winning company that specializes in prefab (shortened slang term for “prefabricated”) buildings, and it has just solved your needed extra space issue. The company specializes in manufacturing small prefabricated modular spaces, or “pods”, as it calls them, which can be installed in the garden or backyard, or even the side of the house, in order to provide an extra room, either for guests, or office space, or simply your own personal “escape space”, for relaxing and taking a break


This Tiny Fruit Has 20 Times More Vitamin C Than Orange Juice!

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May you have heard of Ayurveda? The ancient indigenous Indian system of healing and medicine. But do you know where the traditional treatments and formulas come from and what they are made up of? A large part of the medicine comes from the tiny fruit known as the Amla, Amalaki fruit or the Indian gooseberry. This powerful fruit has been used in India for over 5,000 years to help rejuvenate and boost immunity, among other things. Amla is a seasonal fruit that is available during


10 Amazing Hotels Across the World That Will Blow You Away

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The amazing hotels listed below are unlike any other, scattered across the world. Hotels are curious establishments. They have a certain creepiness, all these uniform rooms and too neatly made beds, that you know have been used time and time before, by hundreds of people with their own stories. At the same time, they provide a sort of anonymity that we all seek sometimes. Most of all, they are seen as practical places, sometimes more or less luxurious, but still practical nonetheless. Nobody really thinks


Someone Transformed This Tree Stump Into a Fancy Hobbit House

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Do you remember those awesome hobbit houses from The Lord of the Rings? It seems that someone has built a sort of hobbit house on a Canadian island. The Haida Gwaii, translated into “the islands of the Haida people”, previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, are located on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Apart from the abundant wildlife and the Haida people (indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast), the islands are also home to insanely large trees. Trees that leave


This Revolutionary Throw-and-Shoot Camera Drone Will Capture You While Flying Behind You

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It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It is a camera drone. Meet Lily, the newest tech gadget to combine two rising trends and bring them together in a revolutionary new creation. Lily can fly, follow the user around, and record them. Its difference from most camera drone gadgets is that it doesn't require manual control from the user, but relies on computer vision technology and GPS to recognize and track the user. Creator Antoine Balaresque states:  “We designed it as a camera,


This Man Transformed Old Boeing-727 into an Awesome House in the Woods!

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In the late 90's, electrical engineer Bruce Campbell spent approximately $100,000 for an aircraft. The Boeing 727 was used, scrapped of valuable parts, and destined to become a project spanning decades and costing more than $200K. In Campbell's opinion, the retired jetliner would be an ideal home, much better than the conventional “stick homes” that most of us live in. The aircraft is less fragile, Bruce claims in his blog, more secure, and much easier to maintain and keep clean. Dust and insects are


This Invention Will Help Millions of Poor Children Around The World

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There are millions of children around the world that have no shoes to wear, or whose shoes don't fit them. The result is going barefoot, and susceptible to injuries as well as parasites that can be sustained by the feet. Even if shoes are donated in bulk, over time the feet outgrow them, much faster so in the case of children, who are constantly developing and growing. That's when a simple guy named Kenton Lee had an idea, having had no previous experience or


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