Are you a music lover? Then you will most probably relate to these struggles.

For some, music may be just one of the many factors that help to make up their life, in addition to food, sports, movies and so much more.

For others…music is life itself!

Do you ever feel slightly misunderstood by your friends who claim that they are not really into music? The people who will listen to any old garbage the radio puts out, and deem it worthy, are almost as bad!

If this is starting to sound familiar, here are eight struggles of a true music lover you are likely to identify with.

1. Feeling like you can’t connect with many of the people around you.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a true music lover because it makes it more difficult to connect with people who are not. Human beings naturally enjoy and even crave to be around others who share common interests and when music is your biggest interest, how can you be understood by someone who doesn’t feel the same way?

Dating can be especially hard as you just can’t fathom dating someone with bad music taste!

2. Having to listen to horrible music in your friend’s car.

Sure there are some people who don’t have great music taste but are very nice people whom you call friends and family. For the most part, you can agree to disagree on music choice, but life can be hard when you’re on a road trip!

3. When people don’t realize they’re listening to a cover.

It just kills you to see people singing a newer, faster version of a classic song, especially when they have no idea that the song has a history longer than six months.

4. When people don’t realize their favorite artist is sampling.

It kills you, even more, when people don’t realize that the best part of the song they’re listening to is just a sample from an indie band they’ve never heard of…who is way better! Every time someone plays this dumb song it just makes you thirst for the real deal.

5. When you have to wait forever for an album to finally drop.

Many of your friends are content listening to whatever comes out of the radio speakers…when it comes out of the radio speakers, but not you. You have favorite artists who feed your soul and when a new album comes out it can mean the world to you.

How can you go on living when Frank Ocean still hasn’t released his promised album yet?!

6. When people just wear band t-shirts because they think it looks cool.

It’s annoying to think you spot a fellow fan and music-lover, only to find out that this person just thinks the album art looks rad. You’ve met an infinite number of people wearing Pink Floyd shirts who would not be able to name even one song.

7. When a popular artist rips off one of your favorite lesser known artists but gets all the credit!

It just makes you fume to see a big artist like Bruno Mars basically copy a more underground artist like Breakbot, and no one else knows it!

It’s not that these mainstream artists aren’t talented, it’s just that they are a little overrated compared to some higher-quality artists that you know and you’re just so sick of seeing it happen year after year.

8. People call you a music snob just because you have taste.

You can’t help but share your righteous opinions when you are surrounded by people listening to average music…when there is amazing music out there! Almost the way that religious people preach their texts and ideas, you feel you need to help the world see that better music exists.

Every time you make one of your humble comments you get labeled a music snob. You’re honestly not trying to sound pretentious, but you can’t sit back and listen to people praise mediocrity.

Are you a music lover? Can you relate to the struggles described above?

Please share your thoughts with us.


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  1. Tamra

    I am a Huge Music Lover and I Agree and I can relate to all of this Hands Down! I just say, Keep On Keeping On, Right Now in The Moment! Thank you for the site! Golden!! Sweets to The Sweet!!!

  2. Sumit

    Totally agree with all the points.

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