If you need a little push in order to chase your dreams, then motivational movies may be your solution. These movies leave you with inspiration.

Life is strange. Sometimes you feel motivated to get things done, and other times, you feel stuck in a rut. Well, I’ve been there before. The thing is, there are times when you need a bit of help to get motivated. That’s where motivation from some good movies can inspire you to do more.

Movies that push you forward

With motivational movies, you are often left with a feeling of determination. Before you sit down and enjoy these movies, you may feel tired and depressed. Soon after such a movie is over, you have a sudden burst of purpose and strength.

Here are a few movies to help you get motivated:

1. Soul Surfer (2011)

I watched this movie a few years ago and it inspired me. The story is about a young girl who has a passion for surfing. Unlike others who enjoy this sport, Bethany Hamilton, a teen surfer, has only one arm. After attacked by a shark, Bethany recovered and got right back on the surfboard. Wow! Talk about determination, huh.

Now, I’m not advocating living dangerously, and I don’t think I could be this determined. The point of the movie is about motivation. If you find something that you love, then you should go after it with all you got. After watching this movie, you will understand.


2. Forest Gump (1994)

The tale of Forest Gump is one to remember. I think most people have seen this movie, but many of them may have missed its deeper message. I see a message of determination coming from a man who had most odds against him. Being different, Gump was faced with more than the normal amount of obstacles.

Through disappointments, failures, and grief, Forest Gump still had the will to move on. Despite being different, he saw life as a wonderful adventure in which he enjoyed and navigated successfully. Viewing this movie will remind you that you are capable of living the life you want.

3. Freedom Writers (2007)

The power of journaling can change your life. I once started rewriting a journal I found which only covered two years of my life. I did this because I was bored. After expanding the journal to cover most of my life that I remember, I transformed it into a book.

I still gain residual income from this work after 6 years. But, the most important part is that I discovered many things about myself in the process. The movie, Freedom Writers is about a teacher who coaxes her students to keep a journal.

She wishes for them to learn things about themselves as well. Going against opposition from other teachers and parents, this high school teacher helps her at-risk students face their fears and learn to be tolerant of each other.

If you want to be inspired to continue working on your passion, then this movie will do it!

4. Coach Carter (2005)

Teachers aren’t the only people who can inspire students. With this inspirational movie, we see a coach who is determined to make his winning basketball team even better. But it’s not through learning new sports performance. It’s through their education.

Coach Carter, realizing that most of his team struggles with failing, forces them to be benched during the season until they improve their grades. His message is that education is more important and that everyone should have a plan B in case their plans fall through.

You cannot reach your full potential without education, and this coach makes sure his players are aware of this fact.

5. Castaway (2000)

Surviving can sometimes only be attained from extreme motivation. In Castaway, a corporate executive is stranded on an island for 5 years. After truly understanding his plight, sheer survival instincts take over. Watching him hunt and create things for survival reminds us that we can do anything we put our minds to.

After 5 years, the castaway is rescued and returned to society. What he has learned from his ordeal has turned him into a different man. His life is changed forever after realizing what he can do as a simple human being. This movie will touch your heart and inspire you to become a better person. It will also inspire you to use all your gifts to succeed.

6. Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Sometimes you have to put your life on the line to help others. That’s just what this hotel manager did. During a crisis in Rwanda with the Tutsi and the Hutu people in the middle of a Civil War, Paul Rusesabagina, hotel manager, provides refuge for over a thousand people.

What makes this situation even more complicated is that Paul is a Hutu and his wife, Tatiana, is a Tutsi. This difference causes many other problems for the hotel. During the whole situation, Paul must retain an image of normalcy in the hotel.

This motivational and inspirational movie will convince you that nothing is as difficult as it may seem when you embark upon a seemingly impossible situation. If you think your own situation is grim, take a look at many others who deal with horrific issues in the world.

7. Pay it Forward (2000)

Trevor McKinney is assigned by his teacher to find a way to make life better. This project leads him down a path that many of us take for granted. Pay it Forward shows us just how one random act of kindness can have a domino effect. As Trevor tries this theory, he notices how one act of kindness can cause many others to form.

As you travel through life, you can offer small acts of kindness to others. These kind expressions and actions can do more help than you realize. Pay it Forward is an inspiring way to make you want to be a better person and show others how they can improve as well.

8. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

It’s time to stop complaining and take a look at one of the best motivational movies. Chris Gardner is struggling, homeless even. If that doesn’t seem bad enough, he also has to take care of his son in the process. Being a single father, this situation seems almost impossible, but against all odds, he does what he has to do.

Never forget that there are those who depend on you to help them as well. So, when you feel like giving up because of your terrible situation, think of the good you can do by being an inspiration to others.

Motivational movies are tools for success

Believe it or not, when other inspirational tools fail, motivational moves can often give you insight into life. As you watch others attain their dreams through opposition, you are reminded that any situation can be changed. Never give up, and use these motivational stories to give you strength.


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