Whether it’s existing to chase your dreams, or aspiring to have a happy home, to have a life of purpose means to exist with an intent.

Beyond the responsibilities of daily life lies the real purpose of living. To have a purpose-driven life, you must wake every morning and remember your overall goals. Do you have amazing dreams for your existence? Maybe you live with the sole purpose of finding your one true love. Whatever you’re looking for in life is usually your purpose.

How to live a purpose-driven life

No matter who you are or what you do, within, there is a purpose for life. It may be small, but this small seed reminds you that there’s a reason to go on. Life may throw you heartaches and failures but your purpose drives you to improve.

There are ways to live a life of purpose that will help you remember the goal and learn to make better decisions that benefit your goal.

1. Organize for an organized life

You might not think so but getting organized can change your life. Disorganization prevents you from approaching tasks that lead to goals. The reason for this is that paperwork, for instance, can become lost and we need certain paperwork to achieve particular goals in life. If you want to buy a home, you have to keep the information filed neatly and easy to access.

Organization also improves mental health. When things are messy and not in their place, it’s easier to become frustrated and overwhelmed. To live a purpose-driven life, keeping your belongings organized helps you reach smaller goals thus checking them off your list and out of your planner. It’s just simple and smart thinking.

2. Help people

Sometimes purpose-driven living is a life dedicated to helping people. You can only realize this purpose is yours by taking action in this area. If you’re not prone to helping people on a regular basis, then now’s the time to start. You can locate local charities or even contribute to charities in remote places. Considering we have the internet now, helping people has become much easier.

When you help others, you realize more than your life purpose. You learn to be patient and kind. In truth, after helping people, you may come to the conclusion that your purpose is finding peace. For some people in this world, realizing true peace is a difficult task. By helping others, you gain a different perspective on life which helps you find peace.

3. Chase your passions

What are you passionate about? Well, if you can figure it out you may find the key to a purpose-driven life. Think about it this way, if you’re doing something you’re not passionate about, you’re usually doing it with a bad attitude, a lazy demeanor, or doing the task grudgingly. When you work on things you’re passionate about, on the other hand, you feel fulfilled no matter how hard the work becomes.

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I love to write. Sometimes writing is difficult and draining, but I do it anyway. I also feel fulfilled and excited when I write. Yes, I might get angry and frustrated when criticized, but guess what! I still do it and I start with a determination. If you chase your passions in life, you will surely realize your purpose.

4. Travel

This is one thing that I wish I did more often. When you travel, either in the country or abroad, you get a whole new look at your world. You experience different cultures and a wide range of people. When this happens, all the petty things in your life seem small.

Living according to your purpose can start to happen when you get out of your small town and look around. It happens when you taste new foods and experience holidays in other countries. Your world is huge, just remember that, and if you only experience one tiny corner of this world, then you’re missing out.

5. Be better/do better

I always use this subtitle above as a tribute to my son. He has this motto tattooed on his forearm. So, “be better/do better”, this means to always try to be better day after day. It may only be a small percentage of improvement, but after a year, you can look back at how you’ve changed.

Sometimes I feel as if I am moving slowly through time and making the same mistakes, but I keep trying. Living a purpose-driven life takes perseverance and determination. It takes making the decision to be kinder and more considerate than you were the day before.

It takes admitting when your wrong and then taking steps to make things better. The truth is that it just takes effort…

6. Self-awareness

This one is similar to the statement above – “be better/do better”. The difference is in taking a certain action at the start. Before you can do better things in life, you must take a look inside. When you partake in introspection, you must be honest with yourself. If you’re doing something that is unsavory or that can cause pain for others, be honest with this.

You must see your weaknesses, failures, deep issues, and strengths. Self-awareness can be extremely unattractive, but that’s just the point! When you see the ugly inside, you can make amends where necessary and then move on to make a change within.

When you finally reach the stage of self-awareness, some facets of realizing your life purpose will become easier. Take heed, just because you utilize self-awareness doesn’t mean others will. So, have patience and help them reach that point as well.

Living your purpose is the only way to live

Living precariously from one day to the next isn’t the smartest plan. While enjoying exciting experiences is important, if you cannot focus on your goals, you will find yourself lost. Of course, everyone has their own opinion about this, and so I will leave it at that.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that if you live a purpose-driven life, you can expect to accomplish many if not all of what you set out to achieve. So today, let’s try to live with a purpose and see just how far we can go.

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