The so-called modern concept of boredom has come a long way from the 19th century.

For some of the thinkers, boredom was a response to modern society, in which people are expected to be engaged in isolated labor, and to the corrosion of traditional composition of meaning.

Basically, boredom means a lack of excitement and becoming easily disappointed or jaded in challenging situations.

There could be several reasons for your boredom and you can find some of them below:

  • If you are fostering the habit of procrastination.
  • When you run out of mental stimulation to keep your mind engaged in specific tasks.
  • If you are stuck with a monotonous routine of tasks and activities.
  • When you feel enough challenged to perform an activity.
  • If you lack the energy level or cannot find the right direction to progress.
  • When you feel doubtful.
  • When you have absolutely no imagination. Not during those moments of boredom.

When you get bored, you crave to think about something that is worth your while, and you eventually do. You would want your brain to have some exercise just like you want to move physically.

However, science has come with a new study, relatively, not an advanced but research-based knowledge says that most bored people have a better flow of creative juices. It is natural because, in those moments, you push your brain cells beyond their normal capacity to be productive.

A reliable research report says:

The task of writing might slow down or prevent your daydreaming which is essential in order to enhance creativity. Due to the interference of daydreaming, the potential of concentration decreases as it makes your mind wander in other directions. The same theory applies to the Doodling task as it improves your cognitive functionalities.

Boredom warns you that you are not doing what you want to be or what you should be doing. Thus, you would want to do something useful or enjoyable, something more fulfilling or important. This process of the mind stimulates better creative ideas, bigger ambitions, and a desire for greater opportunities.

If you do not beat boredom with intentional creative activities, chances are that you might escape it through sleeping more or with a lot of daydreaming. This time is sensitive and many times people fall for mental disorders, depression, or bad habits like gambling and drinking.

So, if you would not take effective action, boredom might kill your mental stability along with curiosity and creativity. You must have to develop good habits in order to get through the boredom or to prevent it.

For example, you can buy entertaining stuff or products like books, games, video games, things that inspire your creative side or anything you like to have.

Moreover, if you are really putting efforts, you can take the following steps to make it through the same:

– Self-analysis and reflection of your thoughts.

Most of the time, when you get bored, it is an indicator of approaching failure or results of failure. Analyze the situation, reflect your thoughts on it and evaluate the past. You can always come up with better solutions for what you can do to alter the situation.

– Read more books and write down your dreams or goals.

Reading opens enormous possibilities to your brain. It would mold your brain with creative ideas as well as lead it into a positive path. It would definitely install useful thoughts in your mind. Once your mind would be clear about what you want and what you want to do, you can write down your dreams.

It would clear the picture of what steps you should take to reach near those goals.

Why being bored is important:

– The word ‘boredom’ itself seems boring but, if you use it in the right way, there is nothing more interesting than it. Psychiatrists say that never being bored is not good for this generation. Wherever you go, airport or train station, all you see is people scrolling, swiping or staring at the screens.

– It means, there is always something ready to distract you and you never really allow your mind to wander away. It is affecting your abilities to come up with new ideas. So, when you say you are bored to death, your mind actually hungers for some stimulation.

Boredom is a state when your brain looks for something better. It is the state of realizing that you are not satisfied with what you are doing.

– Although with advanced technology, it is rare for you to be bored as you are always equipped with a phone, tablet or laptop. Train your mind to be bored. If you feel bored, do not try to escape from it. Lean into it, not always but, at least sometimes.

Shut down your internet connection and know what you can do without it. Do it intentionally every day for a few minutes to force your level of boredom.

– So, when you have no distractions, your mind and thoughts automatically turn inwards. In addition, this is not just the theory; there have been several experiments on the same. By being bored, your mind starts thinking a little bit more than usual and thoughts often cross the limits of the conscious mind.

When it finally lands in the subconscious mind, your thoughts get connected to many other places lying in the subconscious mind.

– Many researchers speculate that better ideas turn individuals into artists. A person can create music, produce a beautiful piece of art or writing. However, it not necessary. A bored mind can also resolve a math puzzle that seems to be tough.

Try to avoid lazy distractions, instead, put efforts to learn something challenging. Master a skill that makes you feel like you did something new and different from life.

Final words:

Boredom might seem like a heavy word, but all it needs is some special attention and direction to take yourself out of the labyrinth. Initially, nothing would interest you but, once you start doing things just for the sake of doing, you would continue to progress.

That’s the life after school, you see! Deal with the real world and make a difference.

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