Do you want to lose arm fat and find it quite difficult? This article will guide you on how to have great results.

Big arms covered with fat really can destroy your image. It’s something that can influence your general self-confidence. But even this common problem can be fixed if you really decide to change your lifestyle and workout a bit more in order to tone and shape your arms. Regardless of gender, nicely shaped and toned arms are considered as attractive.

So what is stopping you to getting rid of this little obstacle on your way to a healthier, happier and more successful life?

Badly balanced nutrition, overloaded with carbohydrates and sugar can result in excess fat storing in the body. The fat is stored in different zones. Arm fat is something that every person with weight problems is encountering.

If you have fat in your arms then you most probably also have belly fat too. But the right way to get rid of this unnecessary fat and slowly drop your overall body fat is to start making some new and healthy habits.

A well-balanced diet is something you need to adopt in order to lose arm fat. Increasing the number of daily meals and reducing the portion size can be a great start. Once your body starts getting food every 3 to 4 hours it will stop storing the unnecessary fat.

The meals should be well balanced, based on proteins and healthy fats, followed by smaller amounts of good carbs from whole foods. You should avoid eating donuts, white bread, sugar, junk and fast food generally.

Nutrition Choices

Concentrate on a clean diet which contains vegetables, fruits which are low in sugar such as berries, citruses, and green apples. Try to avoid wheat because it contains the kind of carbs you want to avoid in order to lose fat.

Buckwheat is a great substitute. Quinoa and amaranth will surprise you. Bread is not your friend here, but some versions of protein bread can make you full with just a tiny slice. Not to mention that these kinds of bread will give you much better nutritional values than classical bread types.

The fat reducing diet should have a basis in high protein sources like lean red meat, fish, poultry, low-fat cottage cheese, and whey protein. Always try to stay hydrated during the day. Try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Also, try to enrich your new diet with healthy fats like organic olive oil, coconut oil, various nuts, avocado, and fish like salmon, sardines or mackerel.

Very soon, the fat will start to decrease and your body will be in fat burning mode. This will give you a boost of self-confidence and the will to continue with this powerful diet. Proper nutrition is the first step on your way and by changing the bad eating habits you will see the results quicker than you’ve expected.

Efficient training is your second key.

Specific exercises which are targeting the arm muscles could be very beneficial to lose arm fat. Three of the best exercises to burn arm fat are the dips, push ups and arm circles. You will be able to perform these exercises everywhere, even at home and any time of the day.

If your arms are not strong enough for push-ups, start by doing one or two at a time, and slowly increase the number as your arms are getting stronger.

For the dips, you will need a chair and some space in your home in order to perform this great triceps exercise.

Sit in a chair and hold yourself in the edges of the chair. Slide your bottom off the seat and hold yourself up with your arms straight. Try to keep your body close to the chair. Lower your body for 2 seconds and bend the elbows which should point directly behind you, not out to the sides.

After that, straighten the arms. It’s very important that your arms are supporting your body, not your legs. It would be sufficient to repeat it 12 times. Rest for a minute and do another 12 dips.

To perform arm circles you need to stand with feet apart as much as your shoulder width while holding two small dumbbells. Extend the arms straight out to sides at shoulder height.

Keep the shoulders down and try to do at least 20 small backward cycles. Rest for 20 seconds and then change the direction of circles. This should be your daily exercise in the morning and before bedtime.

Great way to lose arm fat and tone your arms is swimming. If you are able to swim at least once per week, this will help you lose overall body fat quicker than any other activity. It’s important to swim properly in order to really feel the benefits of body shaping by swimming.

Do not be afraid of changes. All big results are coming only if you agree to make some big changes in your life. Stay high motivated and positive. Very soon you will feel a million times better about yourself, both physically and mentally.


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