Work is a basic necessity that involves a lot of time and effort, but sometimes it can involve a little too much of it, leading to job burnout.

One’s job can begin to drain a person physically and psychologically. That stress is often referred to as ‘Job Burnout’.

The distress a person is experiencing could also include self-doubt when it comes to quality and commitment to the work being done.

Job Burnout can be caused by highly different reasons, but here are the major more common ones:

1. Personal-Professional Imbalance is one of the biggest reasons for Job Burnout. A person at times can commit more to their work than family, friends, etc. No one can say it’s a bad thing, but it isn’t a good one either. People need to have a certain balance in order to keep their life stable and in check.

Committing to one’s job is an excellent thing that not anyone can acquire as a skill, but people need time off otherwise they tend to crash.

2. Change of Attitude is a major sign because it is revealing the internal unhappiness of the employee in the workplace and sometimes even in their personal life. Being rude to others and showing this constant anger and negativity to the employer and colleagues with no specific reason is a strong sign.

3. Carelessness is another tell. Coming to work not caring about how you look and behave is a sign telling the employee no longer respects their workplace or their image of professionalism.

4. Downgraded Work Quality makes a major contribution to Job Burnout. Trying to get the work done as fast as possible or doing things to avoid having as much work, which leads to bad quality and sometimes quantity as well.

5. Lack of Social Support is something that highly contributes to an employee’s work and mental state. Having people around you who are in the same place as you and can understand the amount of stress and time that comes with a job can be very therapeutic.

Unfortunately, some people don’t get lucky with such social skills or don’t have an interest in having them. It doesn’t only need to be at work, it can be in someone’s personal life as well.

Job Burnout is a very common issue that people struggle with in their daily lives and it comes with many risks such as:

  • Major stress levels
  • Exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Negative mindset
  • Problems in one’s personal life
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse (most common is alcohol and drugs)
  • Getting sick very often
  • Severe changes in weight

The category of people who are at highest risk of suffering from Job Burnout include:

  • Give everything they have to their work so they begin to lose track of their personal life
  • Constantly trying to please every person around oneself
  • Having a job that includes giving all your life to such as Law, Medicine, Film Industry, etc.

Of course, there are many other signs and risks of Job Burnout, but these are the simplest and fastest tells which can be very helpful to know in order to resolve the issue and go back to having a healthy and stable professional and personal lifestyle.

Some things that can be done to avoid or cure Job Burnout would be:

1. Explore The Roots of The Issue

If you find out where exactly the stress and unhappiness is coming from it will be a lot easier to take action and come up with a plan to fix the problem.

2. Talk

Keeping all these issues to yourself only makes the issue worse. If you are unhappy with where you are and what you’re doing, keeping those issues to yourself only makes greater issues in the future for the employee and employer as well.

If the problem is coming directly from another coworker or supervisor, the best thing to do is express yourself and maybe you will be able to find common ground and make some sort of a deal or agreement.

3. Change of Mindset

It is one of the hardest yet most effective steps that can be taken. It is easy to just sit and be negative about every little thing around you, but instead of looking down on the environment, you’re in, start to think about the positives. Start to appreciate what others are doing and understand that you are not alone.

Every person around you plays a certain role in their work, whether is it getting someone a coffee of photocopying some papers or managing all the people and making sure they are doing their jobs in the most effective ways they can.

4. Start Living Again

Although this method is completely over told, it doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. People need to have time for themselves and enjoy that time in order to be happy with themselves and their lives overall. Going to the gym or playing a sport can instantly boost up one’s energy and relieve the stress that’s been building up the entire day.

Going out with some friends, having a couple of drinks, and meeting people is also a very good way to bring some more positivity into your life. The smallest things can bring so much happiness to a person’s life.

5. Sleep

There is nothing better than getting good sleep to start off one’s day. Getting a good amount of sleep every night can make a person well rested and have a good change in attitude, bring more energy, and positivity in your life. It can also make your body physically healthier by boosting your immune system and avoiding frequent illness.

Job Burnout is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of in order to have a good stable lifestyle that’s beneficial for yourself and the people around you. People today are so focused on working as hard as they can to provide for themselves and their families and be recognized, but they forget to balance and live their life along with their work commitments.

Happiness comes from inside of a person and it is important to be in control of your life in order to make all priorities as positive and in check as they can be.

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