Getting a proper work-life balance is a full-time job. You want to do it all, but don’t have more than 24 hours in a day. Also, the use of internet technology has fueled the need for instant responses. Consequently, work demands have increased. How are we to strike a proper balance between our careers and private lives?

Here are some insights and strategies to make it happen.

What Is Work-Life Balance?

This is about how your work and life affect each other. It’s often hard to keep these two important parts of your life in harmony.

Workers often find themselves caught in a bind. All employers want a full commitment to their organizations. Workers, however, have their families and social lives to consider. How do they have successful family lives and turn in excellent work performances at the same time?

If you’re in their place, you’ll find it difficult to find time for family commitments or self-improvement. There’s no perfect balance because priorities and needs change all the time. That said, you can manage your life at home and work to the best of your ability.

Why Is It Necessary?

Many people forget to keep up a proper work-life balance because they try to conform to the culture of their workplaces. However, doing so is a must. First of all, it’s crucial for your family relationships and well-being. By keeping your work and personal life in balance, you improve your workplace performance.

Also, keeping these important parts of your life in harmony prevents burnout. You suffer from one when you feel unable to meet the heavy demands of your work. Burnout can affect your personal and social life.

Another reason for keeping a proper work-life balance is that you’ll pay due attention to all your commitments. You’ll do well at work and have good relationships with your loved ones.

Most of all, you’ll have fewer health concerns. When you arrange your time to include exercise, meals with family members, and relaxation, you’ll limit stress and other unwanted conditions.

Signs That Your Work-Life Balance Is Off

So how would you know that your work-life has no balance? These are some red flags.

1. Too many hours at work

Working hours have become longer than before. As a guide, you’re working for too long if you’re putting in more than 50 hours per week.

2. Dozing

You may find yourself always falling asleep at work. That’s not only unproductive but also life-threatening. It can cause anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

3. No social life

If you find yourself asking ‘When’s the last time I met my friends?’ You may have a problem with work-life balance. If you find yourself selling your favorite box seat concert tickets often, the time has come to take stock of how many hours you put in at work.

4. You think about work all the time

Also, if you have a poor work-life balance, your job is always on your mind. Remember that thinking about work all the time will not do wonders for your health.

5. You’re always checking emails

The constant checking of emails is another red flag. If you find yourself browsing through your inbox instead of brushing your teeth when you wake up, your work and life are probably imbalanced.

6. You never call in sick

Are you the superhuman who never calls in sick? Everyone falls ill once in a while. The human body isn’t infallible. You probably drag yourself to work when you’re under the weather.

7. You give in the pressure

You have work-life imbalance if you crack under pressure. You’ll find yourself snapping at the slightest frustration.

Ways to Manage Work-Life Balance

You may already have some strategies for maintaining a work-life balance. Here are a few more to add to your list. First of all, use timers. That way, you’ll give the attention you should to all your tasks.

Decide which ones should take top priority. Make a list of them and fulfill them first. Set goals to finish them. Establish boundaries and ensure that nothing disturbs you while you get them done. When it’s time to rest, make sure nothing interrupts that either. Leave work at work.

On that note, make time for exercise and eating right. Being healthy will put a positive spin on your work and relationships. Also, note that people with fulfilling careers and relationships will have a plan, and work at it. Schedule your priorities and your goals.

In all, if you realize that you don’t have a proper work-life balance, it’s time to get one.

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