January. As the kick-off month of a new year comes to its end, people bust out their new year’s resolutions in hopes of starting the year right. Fresh start. Clean slate.

Since most resolutions are about the thing you SHOULD do, we flipped that and just listed down the things you should avoid to make your life better this year.

1. Leaving clean-up for the weekend

The dirty plate on the sink, the spilled powder on the counter, the used clothes piled in the corner – the little things that seem negligible as they happen but eat up too much time to handle during weekends.

Now, imagine if you’d washed that plate after you used it. Or wiped off that counter. Or folded your used clothes. You just saved yourself several steps that, when added up, would leave you with more time to rest and pursue other leisurely interests on a well-deserved weekend.

2. “Just five more minutes”

The alarm clock rings, you crack one eye open, see that it’s 6 am, hit the snooze button, and snuggle in promising to get up in five minutes. Next time you open your eyes, it’s 7 am. You rush, you’re late, you forget things, and you overlook tasks.

Start the day with a fresh disposition. Avoid using the snooze button to avoid rushing. Set your alarm to the time you really need to get up to eliminate the temptation of lying back down. When the alarm rings, sit up, stretch, make your bed, and go about your way.

3. Fast food meals

We get it, you’re busy, you don’t have the time (or inclination) to cook your own meals, and those burgers at the drive-through are so much more convenient. Nothing wrong with the occasional meal but if you eat fast food every day, then you seriously need to rethink your diet.

There is no shortage of studies that show how bad fast (and junk) food is for you; diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are often linked to an unhealthy diet. If you keep going along that track, you’ll be a thirty-year-old with sixty-year-old’s diseases.

Dump the fast food and start preparing your own meals. Research and find out how you can stretch a single roast chicken into five meals that you can cook in the weekend and just heat and eat on your busy days. Your sixty-year-old body will thank you.

4. Wearing clothes that are five years old

Think about where you are and what you’re doing five years ago. Then think about where you are and what you’re doing now. Chances are there’s a very huge difference between the two. Stop wearing clothes you wore five years ago not because they look worn and old but because they don’t suit you now.

Unless you’re the kind of person who remained stagnant in all aspects of your life, five years has brought about a lot of changes in your career, personality, relationships, and life direction. Your old clothes do not sit well on who you are today.

5. Experimenting with your skin regimen

If there is one point of vanity you should invest in, it should be your skin. You can fake bad hair, you can alter bad clothes, but makeup can only take you so far to hide bad skin. How well you take care of your skin now will determine if you will be classified as “gracefully aging” or “aging badly” when you’re 50.

But don’t go crazy on your skincare regimen; avoid too much experimentation. Yes, there are thousands of skincare products and cosmetics available out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to try all of them. Find the regimen that works for you and stick to it.

6. Drama

There are people who just thrive on having drama in their lives. Small things get blown out of proportion, non-issues become huge problems, and the people around them are constantly on their toes.

Just think about the energy you need to deal with the intense emotions. As much as you can, avoid drama. Life is already complicated enough to add to it.

7. Spending unnecessarily

Do you really have to buy $30 worth of bread just to avail of the free coffee you could probably buy for $2 elsewhere? Do you really think you saved money because you bought two skirts that are exactly the same just because it’s at 50% off the regular price (hint: you didn’t)?

The little things you buy add up. A dollar spent a day on useless things adds up to thirty dollars a month. Thirty dollars you could have added to your travel fund or used to have your car repaired. Avoid spending money on useless and unnecessary things. You’ll be surprised how much you could save.

8. Wasting time on people who don’t value yours

That friend who always asks to meet up for coffee then flakes at the last minute. That girl who is always an hour late. These are the kinds of people you need to rethink having in your life. If you find yourself habitually spending more time waiting for them than actually spending time with them, consider channeling that time and energy on other more productive pursuits.

We’re not saying that you should completely cut ties with these people. Just remember that time is the most precious resource and you couldn’t afford to waste yours on people who are not worth it.

9. Excuses

Want to start having a healthy diet but have no time to go to the grocery. Want to start exercising but there’s so much to do at work. Want to take a weekend beach vacation but it’s too far. These are just some of the millions of excuses you tell yourself (and others).

Stop making excuses because they prevent you from doing so many things. Do your best to avoid making them and watch just how much more you can do.

10. Being afraid

Is there a class you wanted to take? Something you wanted to say to a loved one? Do you want to switch careers? Better speak up now and do something about it. Don’t be afraid of what other people will say or that they won’t see it the same way you do. It is your life, after all, and the risk you’ll take is your own.

Remember that life is finite; you only have so many chances to do the things you want. Stop being afraid and simply do.

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