We think of our body as an amazing mechanism that works 24/7 to keep us healthy.

However, there’s another wonderful thing your body will do for you: it will go out of balance when you aren’t living your soul’s purpose. I learned a big lesson about my body’s messages when I was unhappy in my marriage and had recurring issues with my ovaries. For years my body was trying to tell me that it wasn’t a healthy relationship, but I didn’t pay attention.

I had a huge breakthrough when my ovarian cyst magically disappeared the moment I walked away from my marriage and started practicing self-love. That was the first step on my path to finding my purpose.

Years later I was shocked when a new cyst formed while being in a loving relationship and thinking I was following my calling. My ob-gyn told me I needed surgery to remove it, so I decided to tune into my body’s wisdom and avoid surgery at all costs. She gave me three months to figure out what I could do.

I started a course of acupuncture and herbs. I also devoted myself to a month of daily meditation and spiritual healing. Every morning I spent time trying to uncover the message, and after a few weeks it came through:

I was neglecting my full potential as a spiritual healer and hiding behind my health coaching practice. My body was telling me that I had stepped out of my true purpose.

I was so determined to not undergo surgery that I made a commitment to step back into my potential and devote myself to my practice as a healer and life purpose guide at full force. Two months later, the cyst had shrunk down to a third of its size.

Surgery was no longer needed and my business grew incredibly because I was finally doing what I was meant to do. Best of all, the cyst gave me the gift of remembering to be authentic and help other women step into their calling too! Is your body giving you signs that you are not fulfilling your purpose?

Follow these steps to tune into your body’s infinite wisdom and start living your highest potential:

1. Journal first thing in the morning.

Talk to the organ or area in your body that’s in need of healing. Ask it what it needs and if there’s a message that you need to know. At first, you’ll probably just write about mundane things that are on your mind.

After all of that is flushed out, you will be able to connect with your higher self and you’ll begin to gain insight. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen on your first try, but it will come to you if you’re consistent.

2. Quiet your mind 15 minutes a day.

Meditation is great for this and if you can do more, you will get quicker results. Sit in meditation or go on silent walks in nature. Creating silence in your mind will create the space you need in order to hear the messages from your body. It will also help reduce stress and awareness about your feelings, which is essential for healing.

3. Create a life purpose vision board and spend time with it daily.

Use images that portray what your life would look like if you were living your purpose. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what it is. Just try to imagine where you would live, where you would work, and the kind of people you would be surrounded by.

Spend 5-10 minutes every day looking at it and living it as if it were already true, this is what will really make a difference. What you’re doing is teaching your body the way you want to feel so that it can relax, restore and get back into balance.

4. Visualize powerful healing.

Visualization is an incredible healing tool that is being used in alternative medicine with great results. Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily visualizing a white light bringing warmth and healing to a particular area in your body. If this is hard for you, try a guided healing visualization so that you can totally let go.

Source: mindbodygreen

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