4 Major Health Recommendations That Do More Harm Than Good

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There are some health recommendations we are actually doing wrong. We live in a society where concerns over health are a priority for many people. For this reason, we hear new health recommendations and tips every day. However, despite this intense focus on optimal wellness, as a society, we are getting sicker and sicker. Case in point: since 1980, worldwide obesity has doubled, and 39% of all those over 18 are now obese. If this wasn't enough, a similar pattern emerges with diabetes; there has

The Father of Medicine and His 6 Cancer Prevention Guidelines

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Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, shared these cancer prevention guidelines thousands of years ago. The prevention and even treatment of cancer have been available to us for 2500 years now. It was given to humanity by the father of medicine, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. Hippocrates was born on the Greek island of Kos. He was a pioneer in detailed observation for many diseases and provided treatment with the level of description which was made in a scientific manner. The father of medicine developed a

10 Possible Medical Treatments of the Future

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In the coming decades, we will be probably amazed by the advances in technology and medical treatments that will come along with them. In the last 50 years, advances in medical technology have skyrocketed. Today, with more resources being devoted to finding new ways to manage and treat disease, there are even more possibilities for the future. As the world’s population continues to increase and the average person’s lifespan improves, more medical breakthroughs are being discovered. Here are 10 possible medical treatments that may be

5 Reasons Why Oregano Essential Oil Is One of the Most Powerful Natural Medicines

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With people saying so many essential oils are good for you, it’s easy to overlook many actual benefits. This is especially the case with oregano essential oil. This is one of the healthiest, most beneficial options to add to your home, but how many of you really know all the ways it can help? It really does work. This is something that has been used in natural medicine for centuries, by many different cultures. Here are 5 benefits of using oregano essential oil on a

Study Finds Sniffing Rosemary Can Improve Memory by up to 75%!

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Would you believe that a plant can improve memory in a miraculous way? Scientific research shows that it is a reality. Sometimes the most incredible things are right under our noses. The magical memory cure that so many people do not know about has to do with sniffing one of the most common plants in the world – rosemary. Rosemary is most commonly used in cosmetics, aromatics, and as medicine for headaches and flu, but very few people know about its ability to enhance the mental

5 Powerful Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home

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In our modern world, where we can buy all of our medicine and all of our food at the supermarket, a lot of us have forgotten where the medicines we take and the food we eat comes from. In most communities around the world, plants have been used over centuries for medicinal purposes, but the medicine we buy today has often been added to with chemicals and other synthetic substances before we buy it. We don't really know what we are putting into our body.

Why Do People Prefer Natural Remedies to Modern Medicine?

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All around the world people are searching for solutions to a wide range of ailments from the common cold and flu, to the inability to sleep, infections and more. While it seems there is a prevalence to pick up that paracetamol, cold and flu tablets, antibiotics or other drugs, some are choosing to resort to alternative solutions like natural remedies. What is herbalism? Herbalism is the use of plants for medicinal purposes in order to offer individuals relief from a number of illnesses. Herbal medicine

The Easy Guide to Make Frankincense Water That Will Solve Your Health Problems

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The best options health wise is always the natural route and it doesn't come better than drinking this natural medicinal drink known as frankincense water. This medicinal drink-extracted from Boswelllia sacra tree is not new at all as it has been existent in some parts of the globe ever since the ancient times. Oman, Yemen and Egypt have long been associated with the plant with records even showing that Egyptians prescribed frankincense related oils in their medicine and recipes. Enough of the historical stuff now