Did you know that food habits coupled with food environment play a massive role in people developing obesity? Well, there is little argument that obesity is slowly becoming a colossal challenge largely owing to a change in lifestyle.

In fact, studies have shown that food of certain nature and given habits superimposed can blow up and get one sailing in the obesity ship! They say simple stuff matter so let’s take a look at some very basic things you can do to cut down your chances of getting obese.

Here are some healthy food tips that will help you get away from obesity:

1. Reduce Sugar Consumption

A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that one should at least consume sugar in the levels of just 10% of energy intake if we are to reduce the chances of obesity.

Now, most people do find it challenging tracking down the amount of sugar intake given the lack of information pertaining to sugar content in most consumer goods.

Nevertheless, you should cut down the consumption of sweet products-the number one enemy being soft drinks! Soft drinks are known to have a high sugar content-roughly double the level of fruit juice.

2. Stay Away From Fast Food and High Fat Snacks

This is where most of us go wrong. If you are that type of a person who does not like cooking or you would rather order some food to save time then you need to get a little careful in what you order.

Of course, most would be tempted to go for something tasty like a fried chicken and some beverage but it is of the essence to know what you are getting into by letting yourself get hooked!

Moreover, try limiting the number of snacks you stock in your house while replacing them with natural options like fruits, etc. Discipline comes in handy when choosing and sticking by what to eat this one should try inculcating a set of virtues in the realm of food intake.

3. Reduce the Time Spent Eating and Watching TV!

It may sound absurd but researchers have found a close association between obese people and the amount of time they spent eating while watching TV. It may sound vague but some people turn to fancy eating while catching their favourite shows on TV -but that is not the real problem.

The real problem comes if you a TV addict and you probably eat a lot and exercise less. It is thus advisable to try out eating at different scenes-perhaps eating outside the house. Again, try setting some sort of rules for yourself or even with your family or less you will find yourself back couch-eating again!

4. Cook Healthy

The way you prepare what you eat also matters in that when cooking one adds a certain amount of calories, fat and sugar to what you are supposed to eat.

Keeping this in mind, it matters that you choose a recipe that will suit a healthy lifestyle. Avoid frying food and always try employing other techniques like boiling, light sautéing among others.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with just a single step and likewise finding the right path with food starts with a bit of effort. Discipline is the key ingredient if you are to succeed in handling the pressure that comes with changing certain food and habits.

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