What is the emotional freedom technique? If you suffer from anxiety or emotional disorders, the innovative acupuncture tactic can help you heal and grow.

In a world where anxiety is becoming more common every day, we’re always looking for a solution. It’s about healing, strengthening our minds and learning to go on despite the scars. Where are these solutions for dealing with anxiety and stress? One idea comes from an emotional freedom technique designed to approach these issues in a simple perspective.

The basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique

An emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a psychological acupuncture tactic. This technique actually optimizes your emotional health, more than what can be achieved through healthy diet and exercise. The EFT can do a number of positive things for your mind, including:

  • Help you set positive goals

Setting goals is first a mindset. You have to know what you want and create a step by step outline of how to reach those goals. In a negative mindset, this cannot happen. Utilizing positive thoughts speeds up the process of attaining goals which makes it possible.

  • Help reduce or completely stop the pain

It’s about mind over matter, to be honest. Pain can be reduced with the power of the mind.

  • Decrease food cravings

Most cravings or food addictions come from psychological issues, including emotional stress. Taking charge of these thoughts and thought patterns can greatly reduce the urge to eat when you’re not hungry.

  • Change negative emotions to positive ones

Negative emotions feed off anxiety and vice versa. When emotions are calmed, they can transform into positive reactions to problems.

The difference between EFT and traditional acupuncture techniques

Traditional acupuncture is designed to realign the body’s energy points or qi. This is achieved by inserting delicate sterilized needles into certain points on the body. This can be beneficial for emotional stress, poor nutrition, and other similar issues both physical and mental.

The emotional freedom technique uses what’s called “tapping” instead of acupuncture. There are 10 tapping points which can be used during the technique, starting with tapping two fingers on the side of the opposing hand, right below the pinky.

Here is a short outline of the steps involved and the mantra used while tapping:

  1. There are 10 points included in tapping, the side of the hand below the pinky, top of the head, inner eyebrows, side of head at temples, front cheekbones under the eyes, under the nose, under the mouth above the chin, under the collarbone, under the arm on the rib cage, and then tap both inner wrists together.
  2. While tapping the side of your hand under the pinky, recite: “I recognize these feelings of anxiety and I am okay with myself. I love how I am and who I am.”
  3. Top of head and inner eyebrows recite: “This anxiety in my body…”
  4. The side of the head, recite: “This anxiety is intense.”
  5. Under your eyes, recite: “I feel all this fear in my body.”
  6. Under your nose, recite: “It feels overwhelming.”
  7. Your chin, recite: “It feels out of control.”
  8. Under collarbone, recite: “It feels like I don’t have control over my body.”
  9. Under your arm on ribs, recite: “It doesn’t feel safe here.”
  10. Return to the top of the head. Do not tap inner wrists together at this point. You want to repeat all other points until you start to feel calm. Repeat positive affirmations until you start to feel anxiety flow out of your body.
  11. When you feel that you’ve released the anxiety and fear, tap your wrists together and recite: “I release and let go.”
  12. Make sure you use the fingertips only, as they are the acupuncture meridians of the body. Do not tap hard either. It only takes a solid yet gentle tap to do the trick.

How do you feel?

After you have completed the emotional freedom technique and released through long exhalations of breath, take inventory of how you feel. How is your breathing? Do you still feel anxious? If you still have feelings of stress, you can repeat the technique.

This technique teaches you how to effectively focus on the here and now, allowing stress to exit your body, leaving only a calm reserve.

This emotional freedom technique is also shown to short out the emotional block that has been holding your back. This technique is understood to regulate electromagnetic energy within the body, something the West is just recently understanding.


Be careful with the words you use while tapping. Any negative emotions will be strengthened by negative words, just as positive words breathe life into good outcomes. What you speak brings to life what you become. Always keep this in mind.

I hope you will try the emotional freedom technique and let us know how it worked for you! If you want to change your life, your emotional health, and your energy levels, you must first start with “tapping” into the right points, and definitely the right mindset.

Be blessed


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