Having a pastime that you love takes the edge off life. But having hobbies that make money also fulfills many other areas of your life.

A hobby is a wonderful thing to have, especially when life is difficult. It can take your mind off your problems and even teach you a new talent. But what if those hobbies could bring in a little extra cash? Well, some pastimes do just that. Some of the things you love to do are more than just exciting.

Choosing hobbies that make money

Maybe you didn’t choose certain hobbies at first, but they ended up creating a following – people started to really love the projects you chose to enjoy. Then again, you could have chosen projects that make money and be successful in these hobbies as well. They may have brought you fulfillment as you’ve never dreamed.

Let’s take a look at several hobbies.

1. Blogging

Let’s start with what I’m doing right now. I’m blogging. Do I love what I do? You betcha! But the best part is that it does bring fulfillment to my life. I make money with some blogs and with others, I help individuals through issues in their lives. So, this hobby is one that I can personally say is a great choice.

Another way to use blogging is by taking it to Youtube. Vlogging has grown in popularity in the last several years or so, and produced hundreds of channels where people can just, pretty much, be themselves. Whatever you wish to talk about, you can share it on video.

You can create tutorials to help others through simple problems in life, like hooking up wires or learning to grow vegetables and fruits through instructional videos. There are a plethora of ways you can use your blogging hobby to bring in money.

2. Gardening

Speaking of gardening, I enjoy this hobby in the summer months, and I have made money from the fruits of my labor. Last year, I grew cucumbers, made pickles, and sold them to several different people. I didn’t even advertise this hobby as a business. Gardening, although almost always starts as a hobby, can not only feed you through the winter months but can also provide you with a bit of extra cash.

It’s about more than just pickles. It’s about berries making jam, tomatoes making sauces, and sunflower seeds turning into yummy snacks you can also sell.

3. Design

Graphic design is sometimes a hobby people develop when decorating a space of their own, such as walls in their homes, or cabinet accents. Then it can become a hobby to create designs to represent themselves, which can turn into designing logos and banners for special occasions.

However, this design hobby can explode in popularity if you start designing infectious logos on t-shirts, or mugs. Before you know it, your hobby has become a money-making machine, and you’ve spent little effort in the process.

4. Gaming

Maybe you think the gamer in your life is just wasting time. But that’s not necessarily true. Although playing video games takes up lots of time, and sometimes costs a lot of money as well with some games, you can profit from this hobby. Live streaming is raking in dollars every day from various sites.

Through views, subscriptions, and donations, streaming your own video game playing experience is a dream come true for some. They never knew their hobby would turn into money.

5. Baking

I’ve known several people who’ve made great income from baked goods. One of the men here in my town sells the best 3-tiered cakes. He also sells each one for up to $50 each. There are ladies who sell cupcakes, and even some who’ve moved their baking hobbies online. Baking is an extremely lucrative hobby that’s fulfilling in many ways.

6. Sewing/Quilting

Sewing was a hobby for my aunt and my grandmother. They were always creating beautiful doilies or tablecloths. To both of them, it was a way to relieve stress. They also made useful things like clothes for my dolls when I was a child and even some clothing for me. After a while, others in the family were paying them to make various things for them too.

My grandmother also made quilts, by hand, and sold a few of them as well. But her main purpose was spending hour after hour teaching herself new designs and patterns. She did the same with crochet and knitting. No one thought, at first that this past time would make any money. We were wrong. This might be an idea you could be interested in yourself.

7. Painting

Although I’ve heard you have to be pretty darn good at it, painting, a hobby of some people, can bring in lots of money. As a young child, I painted on everything, even myself. As I grew older, acquiring paints and other materials, I fell totally in love with painting, and it became a hobby that carried me into Art school.

I never made millions from the hobby, but I’ve commissioned art pieces for several people in my past. If you love to paint, this could be a good idea for you too!

8. Crafts

Crafts as a hobbie

I’m going, to be honest with you. I’ve seen some of the ugliest things online that other people think are adorable. So, if you like doing crafts, make sure you show your friends or take pictures for social media. You might just be passing time with your little oddities, but someone out there loves what you’ve done, I promise.

It could be, that whatever you’ve made, will become a viral sensation and put quite a bit of money in your pocket. You will also feel good that someone likes something you’ve created.

9. Woodworking

I know someone personally who once had a woodworking hobby. Now, he and his wife have a business in which they create all sorts of things. It started as a way for him to get out of the house and do something to take his mind off the pressures in life, but it led to a demand that was difficult to satisfy.

When the holidays come, he’s always busy making toys and decorations for the home. Strange, he sounds a bit like Santa Clause, doesn’t he?

10. Photography

Some people discover, even at an early age, their love for photography. It becomes such an addictive hobby that they take their cameras everywhere. If they have a true talent, any and everything can become a true thing of beauty. And if they so desire, they can eventually make money from their hobby.

Many times, they don’t even understand why their hobby became so popular. My son makes a few bucks here and there with his photography. So, as far as hobbies that make money go, this is one of the best. If you like photography, who knows.

Go out and find a hobby for yourself

Listen, hobbies that make money generally do make you happy too. That’s why it’s called a hobby and not necessarily a job. So, if you have a little extra time on your hands and the right tools for the trade, then work on that hobby right now. Everyone can always use a little extra money.

Let’s get started!


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