Below you will find some simple decorating tips you can use to bring coziness and warmth into your home, no matter how big it is.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt right at home? Even if it isn’t a place you’ve ever visited before, like a hotel. Even though it’s an unfamiliar place, it feels so comfy and cozy. Have you ever wondered how that feeling can be achieved? It can be accomplished very easily with some simple decorating tips.

It is all about how you decorate your room. Think about an Apple store. You rarely ever walk into one and think how cozy it is. It feels cold and high tech. It’s the perfect place to buy tech gear but would be terrible to live in.

Let’s take a look at a few decorating tips that will make your space, no matter the size, feel inviting.

1. Learn How to Use Proper Lighting

Do you ever wonder why every time you go to a coffee shop, you would feel instantly relaxed and calm? It could be the aromatic smell of brewing coffee or that beautiful barista in the bar, but, in fact, it’s more about their fixtures and lighting.

It’s all planned out to make their establishment inviting. Proper lighting can make wonders in your room. It can make it feel cozier, warm, cooler, intimate, spacious and even luxurious. Placing multiple sources of light can make your room inviting.

The color of the bulb matters. Back to the Apple store, they use harsh bright lights. Those lights make it feel cold. To warm up your space, try soft white lights. Edison bulbs are a new trend that has the warmest feel. They put off a dim warm glow.

2. Use Warm Colors

Colors can prompt a certain mood and emotion to us. Red makes us playful and energetic. Blue tends to calm us. Yellow promotes energy and happiness.

Placing warm colors in your room can make it appealing. Basic colors that are considered warm are red, yellow and orange. Any color that evokes the color of the sun or fire can be included in the list.

Warm color furniture or paintings tend to make an area look compact, therefore cozy, so make sure you don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with a room looking dense and cramped. A dark accent wall can warm up space.

3. Add a Personal Touch

It’s your own space, so why don’t you add some personal touch on it? The idea is to make your home inviting, but more than towards other people, it should be inviting to you. Your home should feel like you.

Incorporate things that you love. Are you an artist? If so, don’t be afraid to display your own work. If you appreciate art in general, add your favorite pieces. Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, add elements of nature into your home.

This can be plants, both plant stands and hanging, small animal figurines, or even artwork geared towards your favorite animal or landscape. The point is, add things that reflect your personality and make you happy.

4. Properly Plan Your Furniture

Your room needs to feel spacious to give it the ambiance of being breathable. In order to achieve this, you need to properly place your furniture. Just like any pattern, you need to start with the large piece, so you need to decide where to place your sofa.

From there, you can begin arranging the other fixtures like the entertainment center, accent chairs, and coffee table. Make sure though that there is a space left around your furniture. Choose a diverse set of furniture for your room to make it homey.

Remember to follow these decorating tips in your bedroom as well. Start with your bed, then your dresser. Remember, soft lighting will be very important in this room too because soft lights will help you unwind.

It has been proven that harsh, bright lights, like those on your cell phone and tablet, cause people to have trouble falling asleep. That is a problem that you definitely don’t want to face!

5. Plan Based on Purpose

As you begin incorporating these decorating tips into your home design, it is important to think about the purpose of each room and the design you are choosing. Like in the example above, your bedroom is a place to get ready to go to sleep, so it should be relaxing.

Your kitchen is typically a busy room, so it is the best place to have bright lights for reading recipes and preparing the ingredients. Your living room is the place that you will entertain your guests, so it’s the perfect place to show off your style and personality.

Above all else, this is your home, so make sure that it makes you feel good before anyone else.

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