Like every other drug, smoking is addictive. And is extremely hard to give up. You know it’s bad for you, there’s enough press about that, but it doesn’t mean you can give up “just like that”.

There are a number of methods out there to help you quit, you may have tried patches, e-cigarettes, or even gum to stop, but a lot of these methods rely on you spending a lot of money and possibly leave you with another addiction as a result, or no results at all.

Did you know there are pain-free ways to quit naturally and without further harming your body?

Here are five ways you can quit smoking naturally

1. Lime Juice

A recent study in Thailand published in the Journal Of The Medical Association of Thailand found that fresh lime juice could be an alternative to nicotine gum. While it may not be instantly as effective as the gum, participants in the study reported that the juice curbed their cravings and made their breath smell a lot better. It’s cheap, healthy, and good for you in more ways than one.

2. Acupuncture

While a number of western doctors are yet to subscribe to this form of treatment, studies have proven that acupuncture treatment can reduce cravings and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that come with giving up, especially “smoking-related visual cues in smokers”.

3. Exercise

Not only does it help your body to physically recover from an addiction, but exercise is also a great way to mentally recover from smoking. By moving your focus to exercise you will mentally set yourself new goals, that smoking will only make impossible.

4. Hypnosis

Like acupuncture, many western physicians are skeptical about such a treatment working to cure addiction, but studies have shown that the treatment actually works. What’s more, the treatment is completely safe and is certainly worth a try.

5. Mindfulness Meditation

Some groups of smokers, such as college students, found mindfulness-based meditations helped to reduce their urge to smoke.

While some of these studies may be in the early phases of testing, all of these methods are completely safe and worth a try if you are attempting to make the move and quit smoking. Be aware of your situation, however, and if you are taking other medications always consult with your doctor first before embarking on an alternative method of treatment.

Start with the lime juice and work your way through these methods if you need to, but never forget, you aren’t alone. People give up smoking every day, and it’s a struggle that is worth your while.

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    <3 i needed these info tnx Life Advancer - Your Guide to Life Improvement

  2. David Beck

    Smoking isn’t any more addictive then ketchup, it’s the hype, the bs, and the outright lies that have twisted the minds of the people to think hypocrisy. it’s sad actually, you would think humans would have better things to do, then to tell other people how to live, based on corporate fallacies. lol

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