Beauty standards in our society are getting more and more ridiculous and unrealistic under the influence of the mass media.

They say beauty is in the beholder’s eye, but not these days, particularly with the growth of pop culture around the globe. In fact, these days the world of entertainment has created some plastic beauty standards that have been sold to the universe through art and media.

This has created a ripple effect where everyone is sort of motivated to find certain beauty standards in the quest ‘to look better, feel beautiful and look way younger’. Well, If you follow some celebs online then you will agree that they look more ‘beautiful and young,’ but did you know that most of the ‘beauty’ on the screens is actually faked?

Although there is nothing wrong with this, what goes into making screen images is sometimes the thing that is questionable. A lot of celebrities have gone in for surgical procedures that include the lifting of sagging skin, tummy tuck and body contouring.

These procedures are legal although they have come under sharp criticism from the society for misleading people, especially the youth, with these fake beauty standards.

Those Cover Photos Maybe Exaggerated…

It has also been established that most pictures in magazine covers and videos of celebrities have been edited to create a certain perception that resonates with the human eye. This has even got worse off with the advancement in technology allowing top-notch industry experts to use design skills to fool your eyes.

Talk of everything in the realm of image and video editing e.g changing eyebrows, increasing skin light and flawlessness to making the hair look super perfect. The interesting bit is that most of the times the celebs are not so much affected as they just have to shoot and leave the rest to the editor.

The downside though is that as this ‘perfection’ becomes elusive, most people around the globe have gone as far as harming their bodies trying to achieve it.

The media has kept on selling it anyway through the numerous celebrities we know as seen in those cool looking photographs in IG, magazines, Facebook, etc. Thinking all those pics are real?

Well, take a look at some before and after pics from top celebs whose images were completely transformed via top draw editing:

01-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

2. Katy Perry

02-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

3. Britney Spears

03-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

4. Kim Cattrall

04-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

5. Beyonce

05-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

6. Cindy Crawford

06-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

7. Madonna

07-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

8.Candice Huffine

08-Ridiculous Beauty Standards

These kinds of images have had an immense impact especially among youth who are at the discovery stage in their lives with others struggling with self-esteem. It is therefore imperative to create sessions to educate them on the fact that some of these images have been altered to promote a certain agenda.

This can be vital in avoiding cases where some of them take drastic measures in dealing with their own body. Some have even gone as far as committing suicide owing to reduced self-esteem driven by what has been popularized as cool in this culture. Again, this is why it is necessary to have a chat with the young generation to avoid such outcomes.

So, what is the moral lesson here? Long story short, it is always important to note that everyone is beautiful in one way or another. Thus, beauty should not be measured based on the chronicle that has been popularized by celebs and media. After all, what we see is not always the reality of things!


Egline J., B.A.

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