The best part about gardening is that you always have the room to ooze some creativity.

In fact, you don’t have to spend loads of cash to make your vegetable garden impressive and productive. Here are some of the most creative do it yourself vegetable gardening hacks that will make you fall in love with gardening.

1. Raise Your Seedling From Eggshells

Raise your seedling from eggshells

Instead of throwing away used eggshells today, consider saving them. Eggshells are the best for planting your vegetable seedlings since they eliminate the need for plastics on your garden.

More importantly, they will rapidly decompose and add calcium to the soil which boosts soil nutrition for future plants.

2. Use Wine Bottles to Irrigate Your Plants

Use wine bottles to irrigate your plants

Fill your empty wine bottles with water, bottle them up and place them upside down on your garden in a way that the water can slowly trickle to water the plants. This way. You will be sure that your crops will remain irrigated even when you are out the whole weekend.

3. Use Baking Soda for Sweeter Tomatoes

Use baking soda for sweeter tomatoes

To improve the sweetness of your tomatoes, sprinkle some baking soda to the soil. A small amount of baking soda per plant will do the magic but make sure you don’t sprinkle the soda on the plants.

Baking soda is good at buffering soil PH in the sense that it reduces soil alkalinity. Make your tomatoes to stand out from the crowd with a characteristic sweetness this time!

4. Make Your DIY Seed Tape

Make your DIY seed tape

Instead of going for commercial seed tape, use toilet paper to make your own. The procedure is pretty fast simple and won’t cost you much. Interestingly, DIY seed tapes work perfectly well as the commercial ones.

5. Use Your Milk Jugs to Protect Your Seedlings

Use Your Milk Jugs to Protect Your Seedlings

Slit open the used milk jugs and place them upright to safeguard your plants. This brilliant act will ensure that exposure to bugs and frost risks are out of reach for your new and even fragile plants.

6. Use Kitchen Scraps as Fertilizer

Use kitchen scraps as fertilizer

Kitchen scraps decompose fast and make the best fertilizers especially for your young seedlings. These include and not limited to banana peels, eggshells and vegetable stalks. Making use of such resources at hand is wise and saves you the cost of investing too much in inorganic fertilizer.

7. Grow Your Seedlings on Citrus Peels

Grow your seedlings on citrus peels

This is one of the cleverest and interesting vegetable gardening hacks. Make use of the lemon peels after they have been squeezed to raise your plants. The good thing with citrus peels is that they form compost on their own.

In addition, they add nutrients to the soil making your plants healthy and more productive.

8. Make Slings For Your Melons

Make slings for your melons

Bigger and heavier melons tend to break their vines before they are ripe. Provide some support to them by making slings using old t-shirts and other old pieces of cloth. The slings reduce strain caused by the lemons and allow the fruits to grow until they are ready for harvest.

9. Make use of water bottles to water your plants

Make use of water bottles to water your plants

During harsh dry conditions, your plants will require a lot of moisture. To solve this, place a water bottle with holes next to your plant. The bottle will drain the water slowly and keep your plant moist regardless of the weather conditions.

10. Keep Pests and Animals Away With Plastic Forks

Keep pests and animals away with plastic forks

Use your kitchen plastic forks to scare away animals like squirrels, mouse, moles, and pests from destroying your plants. Puts the plastic forks upside down in a way that will look pretty cute for human but scary form animals.

The trick is to always try to make use of what is around in a bid to make your vegetable garden to look cute and productive.

Try some of the preceding vegetable garden hacks today and see how they work out for your garden.


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