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Sometimes advertising of new products and the ideas used to promote them are so amazing and attractive, that you want to buy everything you see at once.

The look of a product is really important, so companies are making clever packages with a lot of taste and humor.

I hope you like this short list of these clever product packages we collected from different sources around the Internet.

You will see that some of them are simply funny and cute, while some others are also practical to use and store. To be honest I would like to buy most of these products just for the packaging.

Enjoy them and if you like, you can also add some more product images from your country.

1. Yarn

01-Yarn-Clever Product Packages

via packiii.com

2. Pistachio Nuts

02-Pistachio Nuts-Clever Product Packages

Wonderfully delicious pistachio nuts have been revered as the symbol of wellness and robust health since ancient times.

via rozenfelde.com

3. Earbuds

03-Earbuds-Clever Product Packages
via packagingoftheworld.com

4. Spine Vodka

04-Spine Vodka-Clever Product Packages

via johannes-schulz.com

5. Butter

05-Butter-Clever Product Packages

via packagingoftheworld.com

6. Sustainable Wooden Kitchen Tools

06-Sustainable Wooden Kitchen Tools-Clever Product Packages

Scanwood is a Danish utensil company where their products are made solely out of sustainable natural materials.

via blogspot.com

7. Bobby Pins

07-Bobby Pins-Clever Product Packages

via packiii.com

8. Tissues

08-Clever Product Packages

via packiii.com

9. Fast Food

09-Fast Food-Clever Product Packages

via wired.com

10. Marvel Store Bag

10-Marvel Store Bag-Clever Product Packages

via cssdesignawards.com

11. Dog Bones

11-Dog Bones-Clever Product Packages

via nonewz.co

12. Cookie

12-Cookie-Clever Product Packages

Japanese Cookie pays homage to the afro.

via gamingnex.blogspot.com

13. Bread Bra

13-Bread Bra-Clever Product Packages

The sales of this bread benefited breast cancer research.

via neatorama.com

14. Bread

14-Bread-Clever Product Packages

Barra de flama by Xevi Ramon

via losiento.net

15. Paint Brushes

15-Paint Brushes-Clever Product Packages

This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products together with only one cardboard printed on both sides.

via behance.net

16. Freshly Baked Thelma’s Cookies

16-Cookies-Clever Product Packages

Cookies are made fresh and delivered warm right out of the oven.

via thelmastreats.com

17. Laundry Detergent

17-Laundry Detergent-Clever Product Packages

via packiii.com

18. Samurai Vodka

18-Samurai Vodka-Clever Product Packages

Samurai Vodka is fictitious rice vodka created by Schreiber to add context to his bottle design.

via designyoutrust.com

19. Honey

19-Honey-Clever Product Packages

via blogspot.com

20. Barcode for a Cup of Noodles

20-Cup of Noodles-Clever Product Packages

via reddit.com

21. Olive Oil and Vinegar

21-Olive Oil and Vinegar-Clever-Product-Packages

via lavitaimports.com

22. Orange Juice

22-Orange Juice-Clever-Product-Packages

via blogspot.com

23. Gum


via graphicmania.net

24. Gym Bag

24-Gym Bag-Clever-Product-Packages

via worldtrends.co

25. Origami Beer

25-Origami Beer-Clever-Product-Packages

via blogspot.com

26. Coconut Water

26-Coconut Water-Clever-Product-Packages

via designermag.org

26. Waterproof Watches

28-High Protein Bread-Clever-Product-Packages

Blowing their competition out of the water in the packaging stakes this brand literally shows you the watches capability without having to say very much.

via behance.net

27. High Protein Bread

28-High Protein Bread-Clever-Product-Packages

28. Gift Bags

29-Gift Bags-Clever-Product-Packages

via etsy.com

30. Hanger Tea

30-Gift Bags-Clever-Product-Packages

via blogspot.com


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