Would you like to know how to get out of the friend zone? Well, there are several things you can do to accomplish that. In case you’re not familiar with the term, ‘the friend zone’ is no place a man or woman wants to be.

Being a friend and being in the ‘zone’ are two different things. It’s called unrequited love. Let’s say you’re a guy who wants to be in a relationship with your crush, but she sees you like a brother, ugh, doesn’t that make you cringe?

You see, you’re doing all the things that a boyfriend would do without the rewards of a real relationship. You are the shoulder she cries on, you help her with moving or you just hang out together, but that is all.

So, while your heart is breaking, she is perfectly happy with her best friend. And I know this makes you angry.

How to get out of the friend zone

Here’s the good news! There are ways to get out of the friend zone. You don’t have to dwell in that hollow place any longer. You can choose to end the friendship, but there are better ways of soothing your wounds and even moving forward. Here are several ways to do that.

1. Become someone else

While I’m not a big fan of changing who you really are, right now, you’re in the friend zone because of you. So, one way to get out of that place is to notice what attracts your ‘friend’ to other guys.

This will help you understand what she’s looking for in a mate. Maybe you can change up a bit and be a little more like the man she’s after.

2. Let them be a hero

This one is for the girls stuck in the friend zone. Many times, a guy will not consider you relationship material if you’re always saving yourself, being independent, and the like. But if you act like you need a hero every now and then, this might just work.

One thing that guys love is being able to save their significant other. It’s just part of who they are. Don’t play a victim, don’t go that far, just let him do some things for you.

3. Be brave

Start flirting a little. I don’t mean just reach out and be a creep, no. Sometimes just hug her a little longer, or in a different way. Touch her shoulder, lower back, or other non-weirdo places. Start dressing better when around her. Dress like a guy that would get her attention and not like her little brother.

Trust me, she will notice the difference and you will be able to gauge her interest.

4. Build romantic tension

Instead of just joking around like friends, start making more eye-contact. I don’t mean stare at her in an odd manner. Just make eye-contact more often and when you do, smile as well. Do little things like open doors for her and pull out her chair. These little gestures will soon start to build a strange tension that doesn’t spell out ‘friend zone’.

Want to know how to get out of the friend zone? Don’t act like a friend anymore.

5. Fewer texts but good ones

Instead of being so eager to talk to her, slow down your texting habits. Your eagerness just shows more of those friendship qualities. It shows you are concerned rather than interested.

So, cut down the number of texts, but when you do text, start adding romantic emojis like flowers or hearts. It might be confusing to her at first, but she will start to love getting these little gems. When the texts slow down again, she will wait expectantly for more of those sweet gestures.

6. Don’t be needy

If you’ve done some of these steps already, don’t get too excited and get needy. While you may be growing impatient, you will need to seem a bit aloof at times.

Yes, be there for her, but don’t answer on the first ring all the time, don’t be so quick to text back, and don’t try to fall on your face to do something for her.

That’s not as romantic as you might think, especially when it’s coming from her ‘friend’.

Get out of the zone now

If you really want to know how to get out of the friend zone, then pay close attention to how you act around her. This goes for girls too. Women, are you being too eager, hanging on his every word, or buying him gifts all the time? Yeah, don’t do that.

Sometimes you can find the answer in not doing exactly what you are doing. You’ve become his/her friend for a reason. There are things you’ve done that have placed you in the friend zone, and all you need to do is back out, doing some of the opposite things.

You don’t have to be mean, you just need to stop being a doormat to every little problem they have. Maybe you can’t do that favor this time, maybe you can’t always be there for them.

When they realize how much you used to be there for them, they will miss it. Chances are, they may realize that you are the relationship they’ve been wanting all along.

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