We all have those days where nothing goes right and a quick pick-me-up is needed, but there are also days where everything is fine.

On those days, there are 5 simple tricks you can practice to improve your day, every day.

1. Tidy your space

Whether it’s your workspace, living space or just your car, cleaning out one of the places you spend a lot of time and ensuring everything is organised can significantly improve your mood.

The environments we control reflect our current state of mind, so when your space is organised and tidy, your mindset should reflect that and you’ll instantly feel better.

2. Carry Lemons

It’s a well-known fact that Japanese researchers found that linalool, which can be found in lemons, is a mood-lifter and stress-buster. Buying lemon-infused candles, room sprays or sniffing a lemon can induce these positive feelings that will improve your day.

Try finding a lemon-scented detergent and washing your bed sheets with it, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and happier when the scent hits your nose each day.

3. Eat properly and drink enough water

It sounds obvious but eating full meals at consistent times, along with drinking plenty of water, can significantly improve your mood, concentration and, therefore, your day.

Try carrying packets of nuts in your bag, car or briefcase for when you’re feeling a bit peckish and always have a bottle of water with you so you stay hydrated.

4. Create a mood board

Creating a mood board and looking at it several times throughout the day can reinforce your goals and help you feel positive enough to work towards them.

Select 3 or 4 images of things you want and things that inspire you or more if you have time, and arrange them on a physical board, on your computer desktop or your phone background. Every so often, look at these images and you’ll be reminded what you’re doing is worth it.

5. Experience Nature

Whether it’s a quick break in your garden whilst you finish your coffee or a long lunch-break to walk through the countryside, being out in nature and getting some fresh air can work wonders to clear your mind and improve your day.

Whether it’s taking a long walk, looking at images of your dream house or having a quick tidying spree, it only takes a few simple tricks to improve your day. These tips don’t take much time to incorporate into your daily routine and can make a significant difference to the way you live your life.

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