Any contact with your inner child can help you to overcome your greatest fears, make the right decisions in life and become a better person in general.

It goes without saying that each of us was a child once. It might surprise you, but this child did not disappear just because you grew up, it is still hidden deep inside of you. Often, our inner child sends us signs and messages. Do you perceive and recognize these messages?

We are frightened of the society which judges the individuals who are in a perfect relationship with their inner child as childish.

Children like to spend time with their grandparents because older people tend to listen to their inner child more often than young or middle-aged people.

The voice of the Inner child is the voice of our emotions.

Our inner child wants to be protected, loved and recognized. Very often, our inner child is profoundly wounded in the past, and it’s now seeking help to heal? Maybe it lacks love and attention or wants a strong hug? In many cases, the inner child feels embarrassed which reflects your personality.

You might feel that you are less valuable than others. Whether they are good or bad, the events from our childhood are not negligible and make a strong mark on our persona. They accompany us during the process of growing up and have an enormous impact on us.

Adults are often too busy to hear the voice of the Inner child. If you tend to ignore your inner child’s voice, you might end up in an emotional misbalance or even worst psychological problems.

When we reconcile with our inner child, they can live in harmony with ourselves and have healthy connections with other people. Otherwise, we always try to heal something from the outside, whether it’s about individuals or things.

But unfortunately, the accumulation of negative emotions due to experiences from the outside world never really justify our inner emptiness because the lack of stuff from the outside world was never the cause of our gaps. The cause of our emotional problems is the suppression of our inner child.

How to get in touch?

Becoming “as a child” does not mean being childish and foolish. It means to recognize and live like a child inside of you. Only when we are in tune with your inner child, we can be free, creative and happy!

The best way to revoke your inner child is through creativity and hobbies. Free time activities are crucial for our emotional well-being. This is the time when you can do whatever you enjoy doing, and you don’t need to be judged nor supervised.

Through meditation, music, drawing, and writing you will become aware of what is the message of your inner child. What does it miss, what does it want? Also, we will get an insight into the repressed emotions and get the opportunity to heal.

You don’t have to be super talented. Just pick an activity that makes you feel relaxed and joyful. Whatever you enjoyed as a child, you will most probably still love to do!

Spend time with children

We can learn so much from the small ones. If you don’t have kids, spend some playful time with your friend’s or cousin’s children. Or simply offer a community work for some orphanages.

They will teach you how to fix broken things and how to enjoy the small gifts of the universe. If you don’t like spending time with people in general, maybe spending time with young children will give you the answers about why you dislike the company and socializing.

Alone with your inner child

The gates for our inner child are the memories of the teenage years. The memories from the teenage years are often blocking the memories from early childhood to come up. They are the strongest, and they often leave wounds to our ego.

Start by listening to your favorite music from the teenage years while painting or just doodling. Slowly, your inner child will come to you, and you might start laughing while remembering some very early events.

Laughter Heals

You know how children laugh at silly and unimportant things. Sometimes you just show them a finger, and they laugh crazily for hours. This might be the best method for stress relief.

If you are facing a serious problem with your boss, partner or anybody in your life, just see it from the absurd or parody side. Remember some facial expression of your boss while he or she was criticizing you and laugh.

Make a caricature of them, deal with your emotions on a piece of paper. Enjoy these moments alone and share the laughter only with special friends who will not judge you. And remember, there are not big problems because, with proper stubbornness, anything is possible!

Stimulate all your senses

Remember your favorite food, something that you enjoyed the most as a child. Try to make the art of cooking on the basis of this plain recipe. Make a twist or just eat your favorite dessert.

If you are worried about calorie intake and sugar, then prepare a new version with natural calorie-free sweeteners such as Stevia. But in general, you need just a small piece of your favorite candy, and your inner child will react immediately.

Nothing kills us in small amounts. If you enjoyed spending times outdoors, this is an excellent opportunity to ride the bike, rollers or skates, etc.

For example, if you preferred puzzles and video games, why not, make a schedule for your inner child to play, and play your favorite games, on Sundays. If we approach life from a child’s perspective, we will see that many things are much simpler and easier than we actually think.

As grownups, we tend to overcomplicate everything. The child within us can teach us to solve even the most challenging life puzzles.


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