Did you know that there is a powerful pressure point for insomnia on your feet?

One of the reasons why so many people are turning to alternative methods of relieving the pain is the fact that conventional medicine often has bad side effects.

Many of the conditions are treated with painful invasive techniques and people tend to avoid that. For ages, alternative medicine has been successful in treating many problems that the human body and mind can develop.

TheAncient Chinese were the most advanced healers and their knowledge is widely studied and practiced even today. Acupressure is one of the techniques that ancient Chinese therapists were using often. It was a key feature of their practice.

Acupressure is a simple yet very delicate technique which is using the pressure to different points on our body.

This technique has been proven successful in relieving the pain, aches, tensions, etc. It is also very successful in stress reduction and calming the organism. The body is just one part. Acupressure is a healing spirit and mind as well.

It works by stimulating thousands of different nerves at the same time. Main spots that are treated are the feet and palms. This process is also increasing the blood flow to the body.

Our bodies are interlaced with thousands of nerves which are interconnecting different tissues, organ groups, and systems. An average adult human has more than 15000 of nerves.

The pressure point for insomnia, anxiety, and stress treated by the ancient Chinese alternative medicine is called Tai Chong.

This spot is also known as the LV3 point. It is also known as the vitality point or whole body health booster.

In order to find this vital spot, you need to go in-between your big toe and second toe and then move up the feet by two fingers width. This pressure point should feel soft, so keep looking for it if you are feeling the hard bone under your fingers.

In order to activate the healing power of this spot, you need to press it for at least 2 minutes every day.

Keep the gentle pressure and repeat each day. This will greatly help you to get rid of excessive stress and anxiety. Even the official western medicine studies are showing that this spot can greatly help in reducing the stress triggered conditions.

This is specifically shown in the study which showed that the impact of stress and anxiety can be relieved by applying acupressure to this spot.

These studies have shown that the pressure to Tai Chong spot can greatly reduce insomnia and some other conditions of sleeping disorder.

Furthermore, gentle pressure to this spot can greatly help problems with digestion. It is even very successful to help hangover by pressing this miracle spot on our feet. Nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and other similar conditions have been successfully treated with acupressure.

Another great thing about this spot is that by pressing it correctly you can get rid of many painful conditions or pain itself. This technique has particularly been successful in treating abdominal pain, back pain, headache, menstrual pain, injury pain, etc.

Another study has shown that acupressure to this spot has been successfully used by ancient healers to help symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Ancient therapists were often teaching their patients how to do this acupressure alone or with the help of their family members. This is telling us that everyone can learn to heal themselves with acupressure. It has no side effects and can greatly help you.

It is more than a great way to start learning about self-help and pain relief without any chemical substances.

The remarkable benefits of this pressure point for insomnia, pain, anxiety and other health problems are a really good reason to start this great healing technique right away!


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    Because of my insomnia, he had entered a stage 0f desperation that had made me start having problems with my wife and my children. He spent sleepless nights, looked like a ghost, circling around the house and disturbing result, the dream of my whole family. A coworker recommended a treatment and I will be really grateful for life. In a few days he was already asleep quickly reconciling and enjoying a truly deep and restful sleep.

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