Have you ever found yourself wondering how other people manage to fit so much into their lives? Their social life is packed, their house is always tidy and they even find the time to do yoga or meditate. The thing is we’re programmed to believe that some tasks look bigger than they actually are.

Do you also believe that you are too busy to get yourself to meditate?

Just because someone meditates doesn’t mean they give up a lot of time to it. They might grab a tiny amount that is fulfilling and better than getting no meditation time at all.

I have tried many apps and programs over the years with varying success rates. I can now meditate on public transport which I find makes my journey so much more rewarding and indeed less stressful.

If you want to meditate right now then let’s go through my three quick ways to get it done.

1. Just slow down

I learned to do this type of mindfulness whilst making dinner every evening. I always used to rush making dinner and stress about the chores that need doing later; the laundry, kid’s homework, ironing, and the list goes on. I used to enjoy cooking and now it seemed like another battleground to get completed as soon as I could.

Once I started to slow down and concentrate on each action I found that I was no longer thinking about the chores I had to complete later. I found myself enjoying cooking again and I felt that zen feeling where everything seemed calm around me.

Once my breathing had slowed down I could feel the tensions just slip away. I have done this now with walking and driving too. Amazing how tense I used to be but now just slowing down for a bit can bring calm and enjoyment.

2. It’s time to get visual

Allowing our minds to wander or daydream can sometimes be a negative point on the day when you have lots to do but in reality when our minds wander off we’re generally not stressed. In fact, daydreaming brings a certain amount of calm.

One of the little tricks I try whilst at my work desk on my lunch break will be to visualize a holiday that I want to go on or have already booked.

Sometimes the mind might wander off into the negatives like the cost but try to imagine the beaches or the hot spa you want to try out. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you’ll feel after and it will make you want that holiday more!

3. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing

This was the very first way that I learned how to meditate and it seemed pathetic at the time because we’re all aware of how we breathe right? Not necessarily. Closing your eyes gives a little uncertainty about what’s going on around us, focusing on our breathing gives us something to regain control over.

Feeling our chest expand with the breath gives you focus and soon enough it is all you think about. It’s also pretty fun to make some really loud breaths so you breathe out loudly but slowly. The release and focus really take the pressure away.

This is a great quick fix when you’re at a moment of high anxiety and stress, it brings you back into a calming environment again and whatever was bothering you before seems like a small dot on the horizon after.

None of these tips are long but you can make them longer if you wish. You can do two minutes or maybe ten minutes. Once you get into a routine of doing them it will surprise you to see how much time you really do have to meditate.

I found that with the last tip I started with just a couple of minutes once a day but now I might do it 2-3 times a day and I continue for as long as I feel I need too. Depends on how stressful the day is!

Once you find the way that works best for you, keep at it and do it regularly so it becomes almost part of your daily being. The positives are there for you to see it and in just two minutes, we can all spare that little amount of time can’t we?


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