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These Cute Animated Illustrations Show What True Happiness Really Looks Like

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What is true happiness? Since the beginning of humanity, this question has been probably asked millions of times. No matter where and in what time period, human beings always tried to find the key to happiness and understand what the sense of being is. But in the end, any person who tends to reflect on life and themselves realizes that true happiness can be found in simple, everyday things. Remember the quote by Kurt Vonnegut? “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll

These Clever Cartoons Show the True Face of Modern Society

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It's not every day that you stumble across something that really changes your outlook on the world or maybe even just reaffirms what you already thought about the world – let alone in the form of a cartoon. Don't be fooled into thinking that cartoons are just for kids, cartoonist Steve Cutts has proved that adults can enjoy cartoons as well and even use them to discuss the state of the human race. Cutts is an illustrator and animator from London, and through his artwork,

These 8 Cute Illustrations Show What True Love Really Looks Like

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The idea of true love is attractive. The thing is, it’s not always about perfection and fancy meals. Sometimes true love revolves around the simplest of pleasures. After all, true love lasts a lifetime and during an entire life, some things shared by those who are meant to be together may be quiet and uneventful. That’s the beauty of it, really. True love is filled with a myriad of moments where you enjoy each other’s company, in many ways. Illustrator Nidhi Chanani created a series of

With These Pop-up Modular Pods You Can Live Anywhere in the World Off-Grid

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Pod Space is the award-winning company that specializes in prefab (shortened slang term for “prefabricated”) buildings, and it has just solved your needed extra space issue. The company specializes in manufacturing small prefabricated modular spaces, or “pods”, as it calls them, which can be installed in the garden or backyard, or even the side of the house, in order to provide an extra room, either for guests, or office space, or simply your own personal “escape space”, for relaxing and taking a break from

7 Powerful Illustrations That Will Make You Rethink Today’s Society

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Real life isn’t always what we expect - sometimes it’s satirically hilarious, sometimes depressingly honest. Artist Eduardo Salles has created powerful illustrations, comical and in-depth, that give more insight into the truth of life. Our life, compared to human relationship and desire, can be divided between what we love, what we want and what we actually have. For instance, what we need, want and have could totally contradict each other. 5 Finger Personalities Speaking of relationships, our fingers each represent close acquaintances with unique personality traits.

10 Amazing Hotels Across the World That Will Blow You Away

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These amazing hotels listed below are unlike any other, scattered across the world. Hotels are curious establishments. They have a certain creepiness, all these uniform rooms and too neatly made beds, that you know have been used time and time before, by hundreds of people with their own stories. At the same time, they provide a sort of anonymity that we all seek sometimes. Most of all, they are seen as practical places, sometimes more or less luxurious, but still practical nonetheless. Nobody really thinks

This Incredible Artist Creates Amazing Street Art Murals From Trash

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Bordalo II is a promising artist trying to change the world through street art. His works are a way of condemning the “throwaway culture” that dominates the world we live in and transmitting the message of recycling. What a mission, and what an amazing way to achieve it! Bordalo II goes against the flow of overconsumption and rapid obsolescence. Animal suffering due to human exploitation, an overlooked aspect by the majority of modern societies, is the main subject of his "Big Trash Animals" collection. As

Tiny House Dweller Shares Her Inspiring Story and Secrets

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These days when you ask someone how they are feeling a likely response is “stressed out”. In a world where personal debt is high, jobs have been difficult to come by and chronic illness on the rise we find that stress levels are at an all-time high. How do we escape? You may have noticed the “Tiny House Movement” has experienced a huge upswing. Magazines, such as Dwell, are highlighting tiny house owners with their efficient homes and HGTV has started showing Tiny House Hunters.