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Hilarious Comics Show the Differences Between Cats and Dogs

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Who wouldn't love being the owner of a fluffy kitty that purrs softly when you stroke it? And who wouldn't enjoy the companion of a playful dog? After all, it is considered to be man's best friend. Nobody can deny that both cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world. However, there are many differences between a dog and a cat, including its physical features, nature, and character. Russian artist Bird Born has created a hilarious series of comics to show six

This Amazing Artist Creates Stunning Sculptures out of Living Trees

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Did you know that Axel Erlandson was the man who created a most unusual form of art? This brilliant artist was a horticulturist who became well known for shaping living trees into extraordinary forms and fascinated everyone who looked at them. His skillful creations made him famous and inspired a lot of artists all over the world. Axel Erlandson was born in 1884 to Swedish parents. His family immigrated to the United States in 1886. During his early years he grew up in Minnesota,

This Is What Famous Cartoon Characters Would Look Like in Their Real Age

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Cartoon characters have raised generations since they were first featured on screen. Although decades have passed since then, they still remain young and active. Have you ever thought of how the cartoon characters of your childhood would look like if they would show their actual age? Tom and Jerry - Age 75 You just can't help loving these two! The ongoing cat and mouse cartoon rivalry has been going on since 1940 when they first appeared on screen. Tom and Jerry have been entertaining kids

Hilarious Illustrations Show Challenges a Pregnant Woman Faces Every Day

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Being pregnant is difficult and challenging for any woman who has ever gone through it. In fact, women, especially those that are having their first pregnancy, go through a lot emotionally and physically, which is not pleasant to them but the good thing is that it is pretty much normal. Of course, some of these difficulties are caused by other people or by the pregnancy itself. In simple terms, pregnancy calls for great care and that's why this article looks to shed some light on

Copenhagen Is Building Crazy Bike Lane Between Two Skyscrapers, 65 Meters in the Air

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First, we build bridges, but what about building a bike lane in the sky? You heard it right, Copenhagen, the biking capital of the world, is building an even more astonishing bike lane which hangs between two residential/office towers, 65 meters high!  For traveling, for looks or for just plain artistic effects, these plans are astonishing! Looking in from the outside, Copenhagen’s lifestyle and infrastructure may seem weird to some. For others, however, the infrastructure fulfills more than an aesthetically pleasing purpose. A portion of

These Cute Comics Show That True Love Is in Small Everyday Things

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Artist Philippa Rice has created an inspiring comic series about how love shows itself in small everyday things couples do. It is commonly known that daily life may harm relationships. Everyday routine, work-related stress and responsibilities sometimes make you neglect your sweetheart. However, there are also countless small things couples do to show their love and affection. These things are what inspired Rice to create a comic book titled Soppy. If you live with your loved one, some of the following illustrations will probably remind

19-Year-Old Artist Creates Amazing 3D Paintings Using Real-Life Objects

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Just when we thought art had reached its height, another artist surprises us with more! It makes no sense to label what art should be, how it should look or what it should be made from. Art can be anything you want it to be, just take the 3d paintings by Kristina Webb, for instance. This New Zealand native takes the imagination to a whole new level. Art has again, inspired us and left us in awe! We might wonder where this woman gained her influence, whether through

Heart Vs. Brain: Funny Comic Depicts the Never-Ending Battle Between Our Emotions and Logic

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Whether you tend to listen to your heart or rely on rational thinking when making decisions, you are probably familiar with the constant battle between emotions and logic, which often makes our life difficult. Of course, most often, this contradiction between the rational mind and feelings happens when it comes to relationships. I bet most of you have experienced situations when your emotional self wanted to call him/her so much, but your rational mind was trying to stop you from doing that stupid thing. Remember