It’s not every day that you stumble across something that really changes your outlook on the world or maybe even just reaffirms what you already thought about the world – let alone in the form of a cartoon.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that cartoons are just for kids, cartoonist Steve Cutts has proved that adults can enjoy cartoons as well and even use them to discuss the state of the human race.

Cutts is an illustrator and animator from London, and through his artwork, he reveals the frustration he has, and many others have, with modern society.

His graphic cartoons focus on the strangling hold that capitalism and consumerism have over us and depict how our daily actions are really killing us.

His work is not for the faint-hearted, every piece is cutting, strong and powerful, his cartoons speak open and honestly about the realities of these ideals, and how people are actually devolving as a result.

Take whatever message from the work you will, it is there to be interpreted. Although, Cutts’ work does seem to have a very clear message. It’s about time we prize free from the chains of modern society, selfish consumerism, social media, and the daily grind of working a job you hate just to make enough money to compete, all of it. Cutts’ message seems to be that life really doesn’t need to be one big competition.

Cutts’ credentials speak for themselves, he studied fine arts and worked as an illustrator in London for creative agency Glueisobar, who had clients such as Coca-Cola, Google, Reebok, and even Sony, before he broke free to become a freelancer.

He said to Featured magazine about his work: “I like to make animations about life and society in general, so there tends to be a message in most of them. The general insanity of mankind is an almost endless pot of inspiration!”

Why not check out his other work while you are at it. Cutts has been featured on Adult Swim, Channel 4, and his YouTube channel is pretty spectacular, with plenty of animated creations to keep you questioning both yourself and today’s society.

And Cutts isn’t the only artist who uses cartoons and illustrations to highlight problems in our society. Enjoy!

12-steve cutts art

14-steve cutts art

15-steve cutts art

13-steve cutts art

01-steve cutts art

02-steve cutts art

03-steve cutts art

04-steve cutts art

05-steve cutts art

06-steve cutts art

07-steve cutts art

08-steve cutts art

09-steve cutts art

10-steve cutts art

11-steve cutts art

A Spanish artist called Luis Guiles also creates powerful and deep imagery that has also evoked responses of terror, fear and disgust online. Touching on the devolution of the human race, human rights issues, freedom of expression, religion and war, Guiles’ work shows the realities we often chose to ignore within our society.

If you want to see more of Steve Cutts’ thought-provoking videos and illustrations, his website is certainly worth the time to visit.

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