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Handmade 3D Book Covers Straight out of a Fairytale

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Aniko Kolesnikova creates incredibly detailed 3D book covers that look like they walked right out of some fantasy land. In the age of mass production, it has become unusual to see a handcrafted item. It is not profitable enough to produce hand-made things, and it is certainly impossible to keep producing them at the same rate as the factory. Aniko Kolesnikova has proved wrong all of the people who think that it isn't possible to be competitive with a handmade item as your main product.

14 Cute Watercolors Show How the Relationship Between a Daughter and a Father Should Be

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Watercolors created by painter Snezhana Soosh vividly illustrate how the relationship between a daughter and a father should be. The world we are living in is far from perfect. We are used to reading about shocking things in the newspapers or hearing about something unjust every day. Too often this world is unfair to its children and we frequently hear about the misfortunes of street children that have no parents or place to go. That is why we should appreciate what we have, and give

It Cost Just $250 to Build This Cute Eco-Friendly Cob House!

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Have you ever thought of building a cheap eco-friendly house? If your answer is yes, I have the perfect house for you. Have you heard of a Cob House? If not, I will tell you a guy whose footstep you should follow! Well, a cob house is a small manageable and cheap house that is made of basic materials such as mud, clay, and straws. This is the kind of house that when built properly can be fireproof, resistant to seismic activity and the best

This Amazing Sea Organ Makes Haunting Music with Ocean Waves

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The Sea Organ which Generates Some Musical Sounds out of Nature The City of Zadar is the 5th biggest city in Croatia with one of the best economies in the country today. Perhaps the reason why the city is one of the greatest tourist attractions today is all thanks to the work of people like Nikola Basic. He is one coveted architect in this part of the world with a rapidly growing reputation that is all thanks to his creative mind! During the reconstruction of

These Handmade Glass Lamps Will Transform Your Room into a Magical Realm of Geometric Patterns

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If you love art, then you should check out this amazing work by Asaf Zakay. He is an artist and designer who creates three-dimensional light fixtures out of simple panes of glass. These incredible handmade glass lamps can transform an ordinary room into a magical realm of colorful geometric patterns. Zakay’s journey to where he is now started with artistic exploration as an Israeli native where he began working with materials such as marble and wood. It sounds like a humble beginning, right? He later

6 Pocket-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas for Any Budget

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Inspired by the mood of renewal that accompanies the first months of the year, a lot of us itch to make changes to our homes, but we often let go of these home renovation ideas because of a budget crunch. We bargain with ourselves to invest the money elsewhere rather than just on decoration for our home. Here are a few pocket-friendly home renovation ideas to give a breath of fresh air to your living space that will rejuvenate the way you live at home:

Daddy Spends 18 Months to Create an Incredible Fairy Tree in His Daughter’s Bedroom

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It is certainly a dream of every girl, or rather many, to have some sort of a fairy tree in her bedroom. Well, Reddit user Radamshome went against the odds and decided to actualize his daughter’s dream. The project cost was a whopping $4250 and it took an unimaginable 350 hours for a period of 18 months to complete! Amazing, right? What’s even more amazing is that the fairy tree is so strong, it can support up to three grown-ups! Talk of taking the father-daughter

Where Fantasy Becomes Reality: These Cozy Hobbit Homes Can Be Built in Just 3 Days!

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If J. R. R. Tolkien’s books spark an interest for you, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with hobbit homes. These quaint little hovels dug into the earth are not only charming but rustic and filled with magical wonder. Whether you like them or not, they are definitely something to talk about. If this sort of home appeals to you, then guess what! There may be a way to get your own “hobbit home”! Green Magic Homes Green magic homes are just like new-age hobbit homes. It’s