These amazing hotels listed below are unlike any other, scattered across the world. Hotels are curious establishments.

They have a certain creepiness, all these uniform rooms and too neatly made beds, that you know have been used time and time before, by hundreds of people with their own stories.

At the same time, they provide a sort of anonymity that we all seek sometimes. Most of all, they are seen as practical places, sometimes more or less luxurious, but still practical nonetheless.

Nobody really thinks of hotels as “fun” or “exciting” or “extraordinary”. And yet they exist. Whether it’s their design or view or location, it’s very likely that they will alter one’s perception of hotels for good.

1. Kingston Treehouse, Lion Sands, Africa

The Kingston Treehouse is a very interesting yet simple structure of mainly wood and glass, decorated in earthy tones. It can house up to four people, adults, and children. A possible downside is that there is no electricity or WiFi, and available means of communication include a radio.

That is all justified, however, in the purpose of the house; to come closer to nature, and feel at ease away from the fast pace of modern technology, leaving only candlelight and starlight to illuminate the nights, with the countless stars being the main attraction of the house.

Amazing Hotels Kingston Treehouse, Lion Sands, Africa

2. Attrap’Reves Hotel, France

A personal favorite, Attrap’Reves also deals with the concept of being closer to Nature. The guests literally sleep out in the woods, safe and comfortable in a bubble-like plastic pod, roomy enough for up to three people, with a King-sized bed, electricity, and running water.

The hotel has bubbles located in approximately four or five different areas of the French woods and mountains. Although up to one child can be brought along, the pods seem to have been designed with a romantic getaway sort of concept in mind.

A short walking distance to the nearest village ensures safety in an emergency situation. The downside, predictably, is the high price that a weekend in the bubble costs (a few thousand dollars), but one can always dream and save up. ~ Image credits:source

Amazing Hotels Attrap'Reves, France

3. Plane Hotel, Costa Rica

What was once a Boeing 727 is now a hotel, offering quite the experience. It’s not the first time someone had the idea to turn an aircraft into lodgings, but it might be one of the first times it’s been commercialized in the way of a hotel.

The plane is located in the Costa Rica national park and is officially known as part of the Costa Verde Hotel, which offers other adventurous activities besides the unique lodgings. In case you hadn’t guessed: it looks amazing and is fully equipped. ~ Image credits: source

Amazing Hotels Plane, Costa Rica

02-Plane Hotel, Costa Rica

4. Amsterdam Zandaam Inntel Hotel, Netherlands

This hotel is located just a short train ride away from downtown Amsterdam, and it probably makes architects drool. It’s one of the most eye-catching and amazing hotels on this list, being essentially a jigsaw of traditional Dutch architecture.

It’s a place where tradition and modern-day comfort mingle perfectly; the outward traditional appearance, combined with the décor of the same theme, are complemented by the utmost comfort and superb services that the establishment has to offer. ~ Image credits:source

Amazing Hotels Amsterdam Zandaam Inntel, Netherlands

5. Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden

Scandinavian people have always been in touch with nature, their care for forests, and amazing landscapes being proof of their environmental awareness. They also know that being close to nature has many perks, both physical and mental.

Treehotel has incorporated these principles in their establishments and offered lodgings. One of the varied “rooms” that this amazing hotel has to offer is Mirrorcubes. They are cubic structures, with an exterior that consists of mirrors, providing a camouflage amongst the trees.

Each cube has six windows, that guarantee a panoramic view, and -needless to say- is made of eco-friendly materials. The hotel is located in Harrads, Sweden, a bit outside of the city of Lullea. ~ Image credits: source

Amazing Hotels Mirrorcube Treehouse, Sweden

6. Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

This guesthouse is hidden in the depths of Cappadocia, in the village of Goreme. The fairytale-like name “Fairy Chimney” comes from the “tufa” rock cones that are used to form the rooms of the guesthouse. The guest house is a very interesting mix of traditional looks and fantastical elements.

The shapes of the rock cones look like something out of a fantasy novel, but the rooms carved into them are very traditionally designed and decorated, falling in step with the surrounding village. ~ Image credits:source

01-Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

02-Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

7. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

This one might interest the more adventurous. Caves on one side and a steep cliff below, the guesthouse was built into the side of a mountain somewhere around the 10th century, possibly to offer roof and comfort to the exhausted hikers.

It might not be the fanciest place in terms of services or comfort compared to other establishments listed here, but it is certainly the one with the winning view. ~ Image credits:source

Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

8. Hotel Kakslautannen, Finland

Another personal favorite, this is an Igloo hotel. It might sound strange, but it is not in the slightest bit uncomfortable. The resort is located above the arctic circle and consists of a cluster of Igloo-like, semi-underground log cabins.

They have a rustic look about them but are possibly one of the warmest and coziest places in the world. The ace up the hotel’s sleeve is the specially-made glass roofs on top of the cabins, specifically designed so the guests can gaze up at the Aurora Borealis. ~ Image credits:source

01-Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

02-Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

9. Glass floor Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

If Hotel Kakslautannen has glass ceilings, then Udang House is the reverse; the floors are made of tempered glass, offering a clear view of the aquatic life in the pond beneath the guests’ feet, illuminated both during the day and during the night.

The Udang “Shrimp” house is part of the Bambu Indah hotel, which translates to “beautiful bamboo”. The cluster of houses used to be bridal houses, which were converted into a hotel by an American-Canadian couple. ~ Image credits: WCTH

Glass floor Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

10. Floating Hotel, Zanzibar, Tanzania

If the previous hotel was impressive in the way it brought the guest closer to water, then this one takes the cake. The Pemba Island Floating hotel room is part of the Manta resort in Zanzibar. The bedroom is fully submerged into the ocean, offering an all-around view of the deep blue and its treasures.

Mikael Genberg, the room’s designer, has worked with this concept in the past in Sweden, where he created the Utter Inn, another floating building. The underwater room truly gives the impression of an underwater palace and adds a mythical quality to the whole experience. ~ More info: WCTH

03-Floating Hotel, Zanzibar, Tanzania

01-Floating Hotel, Zanzibar, Tanzania

02-Floating Hotel, Zanzibar, Tanzania

So any idea which one of these amazing hotels are you going to visit first?

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