Real life isn’t always what we expect – sometimes it’s satirically hilarious, sometimes depressingly honest.

Artist Eduardo Salles has created powerful illustrations, comical and in-depth, that give more insight into the truth of life.

Our life, compared to human relationship and desire, can be divided between what we love, what we want and what we actually have.

For instance, what we need, want and have could totally contradict each other.

5 Finger Personalities

5 Finger Personalities

Speaking of relationships, our fingers each represent close acquaintances with unique personality traits. Our thumb is the busiest digit, especially when eating. Our index finger seems to point out all the details and inconsistencies of others.

Our middle finger is obviously the thug, causing trouble and passing insults. Then comes our ring finger which remains confused. Followed closely by the pinky which is always the innocent bystander.

If All Of Our Younger Dreams Came True

If All Of Our Younger Dreams Came True

With that being said, where does our future lie? If we all want to go to the moon, wouldn’t we all be unemployed lazy people? What would we do? We could always take up full-time dreaming.

Freedom Of Speech Tweet

Freedom Of Speech Tweet

Dreamers rely on freedom for their dreams to come to fruition. But what is freedom? In fact, what is freedom of speech? There are many forms of freedom of speech. Bet you didn’t know that.

Countries with totally free speech are just that – you are free to say anything you like. There are many other forms of freedom of speech and none at all.

There are voices that are monitored, keeping the “really bad” things from coming to light-speaker runs away. Some free speech is only temporary, changing from season to season and place to place within a region. There are voices which can be tampered with and made to seem free when quite the opposite-robotic responses.

Repressed free speech is the voice subdued, allowed only to reveal surface things of interest. Then there is the lack of speech in its totality – what a myriad of choices, wouldn’t you think. Maybe it would be better in black and white.

What Did I Miss?

What Did I Miss

What’s more, are we missing out on life by way of electronics and technology? The better question may be, are we substituting life for a simulated life? These questions have to be answered before life passes us by.

Music’s Influence

Musics’ Influence

Speaking of electronics and technology, what do you think about music? Music, it seems has a varied effect on the brain according to the genre. For instance, rock music may be seen as a slow fire, burning the mind. While classic music injects its rhythms into our brain.

Society Today

Society Today

In the 20th century, we worked with technology while our inner child dreamed of playing outside. Now, in this century, our inner child dreams of doing the same thing as we are doing when we work-indulging in a world created by technology.

20th Vs. 21st

20th Vs. 21st

And I say it again! Technology rules. The smartphone, for instance, has a firm grip on the 21st century.

Life’s Biggest Disappointments

Life’s Biggest Disappointments

To top it all off and dress life in a coat of dark humor, there are 5 stages of disappointment. In the beginning, life created the horror of no imaginary friends and heroes. Followed by the second disappointment of realizing love sometimes has a lifespan.

In our youth, we realize having an education isn’t always enough to be successful. Then in adulthood, we come to find that there is a price for our ideals. At the end of life, we notice many areas in which were wasted.

There is, however, no way to mend the disappointments, only a small time to reflect and rest in peace, hence the expression.

These images portray a truth that defines various aspects of our life. I hope you have enjoyed these artistic renderings in the raw.

Image Credits: Eduardo Salles

Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

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