Brain exercises keep our brain healthy and help prevent mental diseases

The brain is the most important part of the human body, and like our body, it too, ages. Since all physicians emphasize the significance of physical exercises to keep our bodies active, they also encourage brain exercises. Brain exercises not only keep our minds sharp and spirited but also help in keeping our memories crystal clear as we age.

If brain cells begin to deteriorate due to lack of healthy activities or exercises, it leads to dementia, a host of diseases in which people lose their ability to think and remember things. This is also one of the reasons why many people are gradually becoming victims of Alzheimer’s disease.

The weather, atmosphere, physical illness – everything that affects our bodies somehow also negatively impacts our brains. Unfortunately, very few of us know about these changes.

But fret not. In this article, we are about to share with you some easy and unique brain exercises through which you can give the best workout to your brain to make it happier and healthier.

So read on!

Increase Your Vocabulary or Learn a Language

The part of our brain that helps us learn a new language can be immensely improved by learning various new words every day. If not many, try to learn a new word each day and add it to your daily conversation. This way, you will not only increase your vocabulary but will also exercise your brain.

Another way to sharpen your mind is by learning a new language and conversing in it often. It is said that people who are bilingual are more proficient in differentiating between what’s important information and what’s not.

Studies have also proven that people who can speak at least two languages tend to have great functioning brains compared to those who only speak their native language. Learning a new language can be a great way of expanding your knowledge and jogging your mind.

Yoga to the Rescue

You might already be a little annoyed by how often you hear that yoga is a solution to your day-to-day problems. Even though the phrase might sound clichéd, it has some merit to it.

Yoga does hold the key to your unsolved problems. It is a great source to work up your body and make it more flexible. Yoga is also said to have a hugely positive impact on our brains. This is why we often hear how yoga can de-stress our bodies and take our minds off worries.

A study carried out on yoga shows this. Researchers asked half of the study participants to perform 20 minutes of treadmill, and the other half to do 20 minutes of daily yoga.

After testing the language skills, problem-solving methods, perceptive understanding, memory and decision-making abilities of all participants, the researchers concluded that people who performed yoga showed vastly improved cognitive functions than those who performed treadmill workouts.

Play Games or Do Math

No matter how much you hate math, one can never deny the fact that it boosts up a person’s cognitive function. Studies have shown that various parts of our brains are used in the different computations required by math – for instance, one part of our brain activates when we accurately calculate, and a totally different part comes into action when we only estimate numbers in our head.

Similarly, games that are tactical and require you to solve puzzles or complex situations help in building up your brain cells, making the brain much stronger as a result. Chess is also one of the many complexes yet entertaining games that only great minds can play – and a great mind can be prepared by learning chess, too.

Get a Hang Of New Hobby or Play a Musical Instrument

Learning a new skill does not only help us in our daily lives by putting a positive impression on others but can also be a great way to pit sluggish parts of our brains to work. Learning how to dance, sing or other visual arts are some things that get different sides of the brain to function.

The same applies when we learn a new instrument. Learning how to play a particular instrument during childhood can have a drastically positive impact throughout life.

But, even at a mature age, learning an instrument can help our brain in many different ways. This is why musicians are said to have brains that are slightly more nimble than people who don’t know how to play an instrument.

Break a Sweat and Be Fit

Being healthy means doing all the activities that are good for your body and overall health. Eating clean is one of the most imperative parts of living a healthy life, and so is exercising and staying in shape.

According to fitness gurus, one of the many ways of keeping our brain spry is by hitting the gym. If you are all sweaty after your workout then you are doing a huge favor to your brain.

But healthy activities do not end here. People who cannot work out but have a keen interest in some outdoor sport also tend to have healthier minds. Sports increase hand-eye and body coordination, which drastically enhances our brains.

At the end of the day, staying healthy by taking up to eight hours of restful sleep every day and living a balanced life are the most effective ways to get our brains working.

Taking up a hobby or one of the above-mentioned brain exercises will not only help stimulate your brain but also give you a productive way to spend your time.

Letting your mind sit idle at any age does not turn out well in the long run. Do you have any other brain exercises to suggest? Do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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