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How Boredom Opens the Door towards Self-Discovery and Why Being Bored Is Important

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The so-called modern concept of boredom has come a long way from the 19th century. For some of the thinkers, boredom was a response to modern society, in which people are expected to be engaged in isolated labor, and to the corrosion of traditional composition of meaning. Basically, boredom means lack of excitement and becoming easily disappointed or jaded in challenging situations. There could be several reasons for your boredom and you can find some of them below: If you are fostering the habit of

How Living Alone Can Help You Become a Better and Stronger Person

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More and more people are living alone in their adult lives, with career-driven individuals choosing to spend longer as a singleton before settling down. Many may choose to live with roommates, but when you strike out on your own, it’s an entirely different feeling. Being on your own for the first time can be daunting, but it has plenty of benefits. Here’s how you can grow stronger by going solo. 1. Learn new skills The first thing you are going to discover is that there are

Video Games Can Help You Improve Yourself

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When video games first came out, people regarded them as little more than parlor entertainment – something to distract people after a long day of hard work, as they were games that you could just sit down and play casually. Even with rampant technological advances, many still continue to view video games as distractions hardly befitting closer inspection, but some initiatives have begun to tear down this stereotype. Henry Jenkins of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program has dedicated decades of his life to changing