It’s important to feel your creativity. Your spiritual principles can nourish your gifts and make them stronger.

I believe everyone has the ability to be creative, some more so than others, I guess. But it takes the time to cultivate those artistic juices and learn to create freely.

In fact, your spiritual principles play a large role in this achievement. Creativity, like any other skill, can be nourished. It’s important to remember, though, that it takes time and dedication to tap into your inner wellspring of natural creative ability.

You have to tap into that wellspring of your soul

Keep in mind, you have the ability to reach within yourself and pull forth your abilities. But first, you must tune out the negative and delve into the positive aspects of yourself. Distractions must also be eliminated in order to focus. Without further ado, here are 9 ways to tap into those areas.

1. Your ego is not everything

Art, although it makes you feel good about yourself, is not all about you. Give it a rest in that area, please. It’s about something so much larger than yourself. Even when you encounter fame, due to your artistic abilities, you should never forget that you work in service to others and the universe. It’s really that deep.

2. Be a voice for others and for the truth!

Your work must be a voice when the rest of the world doesn’t have one. Sometimes, only you will be able to paint, sketch, write or sing the words that are needed to soothe the pain of society. The gifts you have were put there for a higher purpose, and you must use them wisely.

3. Read more, tech less

Okay, television is an easy outlet for escape, and that’s just the point I’m trying to make. Since your work should be your voice, then technology will be a distraction to that voice. Instead of watching television or playing electronic games, read a book.

Books help cultivate your gifts in that they help you form substance for your work. Don’t settle for rubbish, keep searching for inspiration instead.

4. Stay away from negative reviews

Don’t read your negative reviews and don’t write negative reviews for others either. As an artist, you should support the creative work of others as well. Stay away from those who gossip and surround yourself with like-minded people who only choose to lift each other up.

Your words should be used to guide others to their spiritual principles as well.

5. Know what you want out of life

Take time to figure out what your goals are. Do you want to live in the mountains and paint pictures of nature? Do you wish to live in the city and photograph street scenes? It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is whether or not you have a plan.

If you want to become an actor, dancer or musician, you should have an outline of how you are going to live that dream.

6. Connect spiritually with what you enjoy

Never just do something that has no substance. Make sure what you’re doing is based on your spiritual principles. If it’s blessing your work or partaking in spirit and body techniques, it’s important to make sure they are integrated.

Always give thanks to the universe for blessing you with the abilities to create great and emotionally charged works of art. This is where your humanity shows through at its deepest points.

7. Listen to the world

In order to really thrive in your creativity, you must learn to listen to the heartbeat of everything. Listen to the words people say to you, listen to the breeze, the cars passing on the freeway and the children playing outside.

If you learn to just get quiet and just listen, you will hear things you’ve never heard before. You will become less judgmental and negative the more you listen.

8. Teach and share everything you know

As you learn things, don’t forget to teach others. Although it’s tempting sometimes to shut yourself off from the world, it’s not the best solution for every single day. Use love to help you open up to others and share the knowledge you have learned from your other experiences.

9. Never stop learning

The worst thing that a human being can do is feel like they’ve “made it“. At the point where you think you know all that needs to be learned is the moment that your creativity hits a plateau. You must keep an attitude of perpetual learning, where the world is always a classroom willing to teach you new things.

This brings health to your other spiritual principles. Also, learn humility and practice in daily – be kind, smile and make eye contact while always offering to help when it’s needed.

Nourish creativity and then enjoy the fruits

The fruits of creativity have never been sweeter than when they are grown with healthy spiritual principles. In order to stay on top of these things, remember to practice good actions on a daily basis. If you’re already using your gifts, then kudos to you!

If not, then spend some time utilizing these principles and maybe you will encounter the blessings of creativity, handed down from the universe itself.


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