Procrastination affects us all, sometimes we even go out of our way to avoid doing certain tasks, but you can use your procrastination to your advantage.

Try some of these tips that can help increase your productivity while still procrastinating.

1. Work on Other Tasks

Working on other tasks is a good way to spend time procrastinating since it gets your mind focused on work. I noticed this when I started doing homework for one class in order to avoid doing work for another.

It helps to start with smaller things that need to be done and working your way towards that big project you’re avoiding. Completing your other tasks for the day also leaves more time for you to work on that big project.

2. Cleaning

Clean the space where you intend to work whether it’s your desk, kitchen, or garage, you can focus better with an uncluttered workspace. Start by throwing out the trash and organizing your space.

Keeping records like receipts, bank statements, and tax returns is important but at some point, you can throw them away. Cleaning your workspace will save you time in the future and get you working towards your goal.

3. Computer Maintenance

No matter what you are procrastinating your computer can help you, so take care of it. Uninstall software that’s not being used, this can speed up your startup and load time for your computer. Delete your cookies and cache, these files can slow down your internet browser.

Organize your documents and pictures into files so you can easily find things in the future. Finally, it’s important to back up your system. Most people don’t worry about this but losing that much information can really hurt your productivity.

4. There’s an App for That

If you have a smartphone, browse for apps that will help with your work. There are hundreds of helpful apps out there and some may be specific to what you are working on. You can also download all-purpose task organizers with reminders and lists to stay focused.

Remember to check the virtual assistants that are preinstalled, they may come in handy for a quick fix.

Instead of procrastinating by binge-watching your favorite TV show, next time try some of these tips and see if they help you. Remember to always use your time efficiently; don’t waste time, spend it wisely.

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